Deep jungle, tigers, buffalo & temple ruins

The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore, is truly unique in this always very conservative region. Lively, colorful, modern and innovative - yet lovingly called "The City of Boiled Beans". Stroll down the famous Mahatma Gandhi Road and let a ringing rickshaw drive you through the lively mile! Miss the district Shivaji Nagar not, because the wooden wagons with fresh, piled fruits, the smell of Indian food, motor workshops, wreaths of braiders, cashmere shops and of course tea stands on every corner are guaranteed to enchant you!

After such an exciting greeting in the south of India, roll your suitcase on the fabulous Golden Chariot luxury train. "The Golden Car" takes you into the deep and exciting jungle of Nagarhole National Park, conjures up a unique adventure for you and makes nature lover's dreams come true! Grab your camera and forever capture the image of grazing buffalo, lurking tigers and elephants rolling in the mud. Spend the night in proper style in a wonderful Jungle Lodge and get to know India from a completely surprising side!

The Golden Chariot rolls on. And after Mysore - the green oasis of the Maharajas. The goods traded on the local market already bear this name with all due honor: jasmine, incense sticks, silk and sandalwood. This noble city holds other very special treasures. Whether golden, white or colorful palaces, Hindu temples and imposing statues of gods - it seems as if the mad ideas of the Maharajas were implemented here without compromise. Experience it for yourself and be speechless as soon as you get down from the panoramic mountain Chamudi Hill look at this sea of stone-old gems!

Drive through the green, endless and unique landscape of South India in your luxury home on wheels. Stop at the oldest pilgrimage centers in India and the impressive ones Temples of Belur and Halebid. Put yourself in the heart of an unimaginable, seemingly rocky landscape when visiting the old one Ruins of Hampi, back to the heyday of one of the greatest kingdoms in the region. Diving on this, overgrown with nature, 26 km2 great archaeological paradise, immerse yourself in the culture of the ancient Indians and, after so many formative impressions, get back on your wheels.

Take on the way to Goa everything that South India brings you: unlimited hospitality, the feeling of being at home everywhere, magnificent temples and palaces, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, colorful spice markets, bright green landscapes and an incredible vibrancy. When you arrive in Goa, enjoy the breathtaking sandy beach, unwind under palm trees or do yoga and listen to the wonderful sound of the waves.
A grand finale that you will enjoy before you return Bangalore brings complete relaxation!

Astrid & Bernhard M.

Costa Rica - 2021

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