Camping, biking & archery - a casual adventure with children

Luxury and individual trips with children. Bhutan - wild and casual. Unforgettable moments with the family. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like Julia Malchow.

Bhutan, the land of happiness - not only for its inhabitants, but also for young and old explorers of this kingdom. Soar over Paro like on the back of a kite, visit the Tiger's Nest, embark on a wild mountain bike adventure, play cloud pictures, learn to archery and raft all together on untamed rivers.

A farewell dinner with a host family is guaranteed to create pen pals and unforgettable memories!

Look forward to your very own, neverending story!

Paro: the picturesque gateway to the last kingdom of the Himalayas and home of the legendary Tiger's Nest. Even the flight is an absolute adventure. As if the white lucky dragon Fuchur from the neverending story had come to life and carried your entire family on its back, you glide over colorful houses, dense forests and colorful prayer flags to Paro.

Turn a walk through the small villages around the city into a treasure hunt, uncover long-kept secrets and be the protagonists of your own never-ending story. Get on your bikes, drive to the most incredible viewpoints around Paro and experience the mysterious Tiger's Nest for yourself - it will take the language away!

Golden palaces and monasteries, colorful markets and colorful clothes. Immerse yourself in the culture of this country in the royal city of Thimphu, learn how to use a bow and arrow while playing archery and challenge each other in a game! Who is going to draw the short straw? Small or big?

Do not leave this question unanswered and experience the fascination of the national sport of the Bhutanese for yourself!

Buddhism has a very special place in everyone's everyday life. Visit the famous nunnery, learn more about their way of life and let yourself be infected by the joie de vivre, the dances and chants!

Embark on a very special experience on the saddle of your bicycles and explore the surrounding "planets" like the little prince on the way from Thimphu to Punakha. Talk to the residents, get to know them and experience your very own story.

Take a break, take off your picnic blanket, lie down in a row on your back and guess together what fabulous characters the clouds of Bhutan are uttering! Spend the night - just like real adventurers do - in your family tent under the open sky.

Enjoy the dinner “hunted” by the campfire while fly fishing and tell yourself stories about princes and princesses, white dragons and heroes with bows and arrows. The shooting stars wish you a wonderful good night and make your long-awaited dreams come true!

When you arrive in Punakha you will be rewarded: the national dish Chili Cheese - for the particularly brave also with green pods - is a perfect and at the same time delicious and authentic refreshment! Because after so much fun and adventure, the growling explorer's stomach needs something very special!

Incredible but true: it gets even better! Raft on wild rivers through incredible landscapes and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins! Then, to round off your trip, visit a local family in Paro and enjoy a farewell dinner together that you will never forget - new pen pals are guaranteed to emerge!

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Costa Rica - 2021

The best family trip we have ever done. And we have been traveling as a family for 20 years. The husky tour, the snowmobile race, the extraordinary lodges and camps - glamping in the snow - the incredible people we met and many other small and large details - have welded us together, challenged us, made us lastingly happy. Thank you Julia for the great coaching, the priceless inspiration and the perfect implementation.

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