Machu Picchu, Amazonas and more...wild, casual and intense

Individual trips to Peru - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments with the family. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like Dr. Julia Malchow.

These Family trip is created for parents for whom there is nothing better than packing their suitcases with the children and getting into the car together adventure to overthrow. It is one Family trip, which is equipped with exciting, educational activities, guaranteed a lot of fun and the necessary dose of relaxation. Big eyes and pure adventure feeling for young and old!

The merging of culture and enjoyment in Lima, adventurous rafting on the Urubamba River, a speedy mountain bike tour through the Sacred Valley of the Inca to Manas, an unforgettable ceremony in honor of Mother Nature, the Sacred Mountain Machu Picchu, pottery and football with local children and the self-made chocolate in Cusco. Peru is waiting for you with something unforgettable!

Lima - capital and culinary heart of Peru. Immerse yourself in a world full of charm from the past colonial era, experience the uniqueness of Peruvian cuisine with the whole family on an exclusive culinary tour kitchen and take the culture of the country and the soul of this city with you!

And now pack your things and go on a rafting adventure of the extra class with your entire team: from the To the through the Sacred Valley, on Machu Picchu past and right through the jungle! Unforgettable. Unbeatable. Pure adrenaline and euphoria!

“Happiness on earth lies on the back of a horse!” - true to this motto, you trot past peasant villages and monumental ones Inca Legacies, back to your beautiful lodge. The mountain bikes for the whole family are prepared and carefully checked - we're ready to go! On your unique full-day tour by mountain bike to Manas, you will cycle through the sacred on selected paths Inca Valley. The country's greatest treasures reveal its beauty for you and give your family bike tour an unimaginable uniqueness!

Treat yourself to a break, because this special day still holds a surprise for you: Experience a touching and unique ceremony in honor of Mother Nature up close. Sounds, colors and mysticism - let yourself be carried away by this unique experience and immerse yourself all together in this mystical and indigenous culture - you will be speechless!

We recommend that you spend a day trying out an educational and sports project that we support. Put your social commitment into practice with our partners under the motto “Every individual has the same right to education!”. Take part in the English class and make your own ceramic vessels while your children have already made new playmates - a new and exciting experience that is a valuable experience especially for the little ones!

Of course, the cultural cannot Highlights of Peru, like Machu Picchu, are missing! Reach this breathtaking site on foot or by train to join the treasure hunt Cusco to go! By far the most exciting way to get to know the city for the whole family is definitely a scavenger hunt! City map and list of well-kept treasures are ready - so let's go! Uncover the hidden secrets of this city and then all together create your own family chocolate from the raw cocoa beans!

Gather after so many exciting Experiences Your memories, lock them in your heart, make yourself sad but overjoyed on your way back home and let these wonderful events come back to life with the "bedtime story"!

If you haven't had enough of Peru, go on a family jungle adventure in a class of its own! Immerse yourself in Puerto Maldonado in the Peruvian Amazon, paddle boat or canoe together through the rivers and lakes and take a close look: rare species of birds and caimans are just waiting to be discovered by you! Wake up to the twitter of birds, have breakfast under the dense tree canopy - the fact that your wonderful lodge merges with the surrounding nature puts you in a dream and gives young and old a jungle adventure in a class of its own!

Steffi B.

Costa Rica - 2021

Discover the world differently. Worry free. How I want. Where I want. Other travelers spend months looking for cheap accommodation on Booking and Co and scour local providers for excursions for maximum output and minimum budget with other crowds. It takes me two to three phone calls in which I can express my wishes and be inspired by ideas. Completely uncomplicated and stress-free. When the suggested itineraries arrive in the email inbox and the route is then set, the holiday begins - at least in your head with a lot of anticipation!


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