Experience endemic natural phenomena with the family

Luxury travel with children. Ecuador - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments with the family. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like Dr. Julia Malchow.

An extraordinary Ecuador glamping trip for discerning nature lovers on the adventurous paths of the Amazon, the rugged routes of the Cotopaxi volcano and the fairytale jetties on the Galapagos Islands.

Treat yourself to an extraordinary glamping experience full of barefoot luxury, paired with fascinating natural backdrops and unique cultural legacies - the best of Ecuador with a guarantee of amazement!

Quito, the city in the clouds and dubbed the “Pearl of the Continent”, invites you into a wonderfully fascinating world full of culture, history and colors. In the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, live like a king in the wonderful Sani Lodge.

In the morning, chirping birds invite you to get out of bed, have a delicious breakfast under the dense treetops and discover the jungle by canoe.

Climb on a wooden platform at a height of 36 m, because the surroundings are particularly easy to perceive here: hiding geckos, sleeping sloths, ancient giants of the jungle, colorful parrots and even more colorful flowers - an explosion of colors and life that is unparalleled.

Let the indigenous peoples living there teach you the art of coexistence between man and nature and steer you full of enthusiasm towards the cloud forest!

Welcome to the clouds! A new world full of mysticism and wrapped in an everlasting dress made of moss spreads before you. Each overgrown path holds its own secrets and leads you on to a trek in the Pasochoa Reserve that will inspire you!

Whether wonderfully fragrant pastures, lush forests, rushing rivers, snow-covered peaks or the steaming crater of the Cotopaxi volcano - every moment holds something special and lets the magic of Ecuador grow with every experience! Not only the breathtaking landscapes, but also the authentic and at the same time luxuriously furnished lodges, bring you moments and places of strength, inspiration and lightheartedness.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the anticipation, because the wonderful Galapagos Islands are just waiting for you! Relax in the enchanting Lodge Casa de Marita, leave your footprints on the fine, white beach and let the gentle sea breeze blow your hair from your face. Turtles hatching out of the egg, seals wallowing in the sand and iguanas basking in the sun also contribute to the fact that you will never want to say goodbye here - guaranteed!

family Bo.

Costa Rica - 2021

We are back from our great Costa Rica vacation. Thank you for the excellent organization! Everything went smoothly. The choice of accommodation was excellent, with the Origins Lodge in particular being unique, even spectacular. The guides were also consistently competent and we were particularly impressed by Edgar, whom you specifically mentioned.
We will be happy to contact you again on one of our next vacations.


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