an adventurous family experience

Luxury travel with children. India - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments with the family. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

Let yourself be carried away into a fairy tale from 1001 nights: India's variety of history, monuments, museums, galleries and gardens in the Golden Triangle. This paired with breathtaking tiger encounters in the Bandhavargh National Park.

The vibrancy, scents, colors and shapes of Delhi bring you an explosion of the senses as soon as you arrive. Whether the Red Fort, the largest mosque in India, Mahatma Gandhi's last domicile or important pilgrimage sites. It is the deep history, the unique cultural mix and the contrast between New and Old Delhi that captivate you, amaze you and leave you speechless

Experience the most breathtaking homage to love in Agra: the Taj Mahal and be amazed at the sight of this city of monuments and silent witnesses of a past Mughal rule. In Rathambore, where the Maharaja Jaipur once did his hunting rounds, immerse yourself in the wilderness of the tiger after numerous experiences in the new and old civilization and spend the night authentically and in proper style in breathtaking tents.

Majestic, elegant and terrifying, he lurks behind the dense vegetation, gives you an insight into his way of life and tolerates your presence as if you almost belonged there. Feel how your heartbeat gets faster, the tension increases and the goosebumps become visible as soon as the tiger looks at you and your eyes meet - simply to freeze!

Make your heart rate drop and let yourself be soothed by the delicate pink veil that stretches over the city of Jaipur. Whether reaching the Aber Fort on the back of an elephant, marveling at the palace of the winds or experiencing a unique rickshaw ride - this city made of pink sandstone will make you fall in love, rave and be amazed.

You will gradually become aware of the diversity of Rajasthan on a camel safari through the pure magic and impressive splendor of the Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer. Riding on your camel not only in a desert adventure, but in a sunset from 1001 nights! If you can't get enough of the unique landscape, get in your hot air balloon, take off and feel the absolute feeling of weightlessness over this dramatic desert image.

Pass by gigantic marble buildings and mysterious temples, discover even more legacies of once ruling maharajas and finally drop your anchor in Udaipur. Located on Lake Pichola, the white lake palace juts out of the water as if by magic. This marvel of the former Prince Jagat Singh works like a self-sufficient island, attracts all attention and looks like a mirage in the beauty of the night - let yourself be enchanted!

Mumbai: built on seven islands, the fusion point between modernity and antiquity and the epitome of the Indian way of life. Stroll through the typical markets here, enjoy a wonderful Masala Chai - the Indian magic drink made from black tea and milk - and rush to the delicious street food stands! These tastes and smells will accompany you beyond the borders of Rajasthan!

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Costa Rica - 2021

The best family trip we have ever done. And we have been traveling as a family for 20 years. The husky tour, the snowmobile race, the extraordinary lodges and camps - glamping in the snow - the incredible people we met and many other small and large details - have welded us together, challenged us, made us lastingly happy. Thank you Julia for the great coaching, the priceless inspiration and the perfect implementation.

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