Mountains, desert & sea with kids

Hiking, wondering & family fun between Atlas Mountains, desert camp and beach paradise - rush with your kids on one Sandboard down the meter-high dunes, experience this together Berber people and its millennia-old tradition up close, immerse yourself in it together lively metropolitan life and later into the blue water on one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco.

Children love climbing - so why not go up into the spectacular Atlas Mountainswhere you first spend the night in an incredible summit hotel and then in an unusual mountain lodge? Explore the wild and rugged environment and experience like that Berber - still today as it was a thousand years ago - knotting carpets and brewing mint tea. Your children will probably find it hard to believe that there are people out there who can be so happy with so little.

Fun, sport and top-class games are at the top of the quality time list for parents and children as soon as you do exclusive desert camp have purchased: sandboarding, Stargazing, Dinner in a sandstorm, camel riding, with the Hot air balloon Flying behind the horizon ... all extraordinary activities that will give you the reputation of “the best parent in the world” (for a while).

Marrakech must not be missing. The taste of fresh flat cakes and juicy dates, the bustle in the alleys, the snake charmers, jugglers and traders between red-painted houses, colorful mosaics and oriental sounds ...

You will spend the rest of your travel time by the sea, but not just anywhere, but on one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. In Oualidia you will find a sheltered, picturesque lagoon, turquoise water and buttery sand.

Morocco with children - wild and casual. Unforgettable moments with the family. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed.

family B

Costa Rica - 2021

Dear Julia,

here is my almost traditional feedback mail. Long and detailed, but hopefully valuable for you.
As always, it was a great holiday and in these special times, appreciated even more by all of us than the other great trips. For me it was one of our best family vacations ever, because we had such a harmonious time as a family. Here in Hamburg we hang out together 24/7, but Lapland was different. Great conversations, many shared experiences during activities and above all a lot of childlike joy in nature and the simple things like sliding down the hill from the Safari Camp with plastic sheeting.


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