Luxury and individual trips with children. Patagonia – wild and casual. Unforgettable moments with the family. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like Julia Malchow.

“Lonely”, divorced and incredibly untouched. Patagonia, the perfect destination for those looking for activity and yet tranquility. With hiking and wildlife, parents and children can enjoy and experience exotic animals and a unique nature on a unique and active excursion at the end of the world.

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Explore Patagonia with your children. Experience one of the most varied regions in the world, impressed by the spectacular mountain peaks, huge glaciers, estancias and turquoise lakes. Why you will consider this landscape, as the main attractions of South America, you know when you stand with your children with your mouth open in front of the fascinating glaciers. Patagonia extends over the southern parts of Argentina and Chile and is best experienced by combining the two countries.

It is an adventure playground in every way and offers excellent hiking, trekking and horse riding opportunities and is a unique terrain to explore. Hobby photographers will quickly fill their memory cards here, with endless possibilities to capture beautiful scene. Spend your time on a carefully selected family-friendly Estancia in southern Argentina, discover your inner Gaucho and explore the countryside on horseback.

Admire the breathtaking sights of the Perito Moreno Glacier, hike through the mountains of El Chalten and cross the border into Chile, where you will be amazed by the Torres del Paine – Patagonia’s most majestic mountain. Hike and ride in this landscape or simply sit back and admire the views from your hot tub from your luxurious log cabin.

from October to March

from 500,- € per day/per person

from 10 days

approx. 12 hours


Get off to a flying start on the most beautiful trekking routes in the world – in all difficulty straights
When driving on the road, driving is suddenly fun – experience your own unforgettable road movie – including cool pick nicks on the Ruta 40

Enjoy the endless expanses of the Patagonian landscape in the Torres del Paine – one of the most beautiful national parks in South America and a destination for experienced large and small nature lovers
Stroll through a world of rugged mountains, deep blue lakes and wonderful wine regions and collect new family stories
Pamper your palate and enjoy exquisite Chilean and Argentinian wines – while the kids are exhausted to redream your adventure

Patagonia is a great destination for heroic outdoor-loving active families


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