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These luxury round trips and road trips are unique - simply indescribable. They take you on an adventure through the moon-like landscapes of the Atacama Desert and the blaze of colors of the Bolivian Altiplano to the glittering Salar de Uyuni.

Or abduct you on the roads of the Panamericana through Chile's most beautiful landscapes and accompany you across Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragons, to allow you a detour into another world. They are unique experiences paired with incredible lodges and hotels.

We create exactly such special experiences for you - immerse yourself in them!

Let yourself be enchanted with the following travel suggestions with diverse experiences, special impressions and unique encounters. It is the diverse landscapes, the deep insights into the culture of the respective country, the exclusive living and the authenticity of the encounters with people and nature that make our luxury round trips and road trips so special.

Journeys that make you shed your everyday life and breathe a new idea into your soul.

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From the Atacama Desert to the Salar de Uyuni in Chile & Bolivia

Moon-like. Fire red. Dust dry. The Atacama Desert introduces your luxury round trip in a class of its own and shows you the way through the blaze of colors of the Bolivian Altiplano to the Salar de Uyuni.

Be speechless at the sight of this seemingly never-ending expanse of salt. Glittering silver, the world's largest salt pan shines in competition with the sun.

The sky is blue, the air clear, the atmosphere magical. A road trip that is bursting at the seams with all the highlights - experience it for yourself!

The Panamericana Route in Chile

The best way to experience the most beautiful corners of Chile up close?

Definitely a road trip on the Panamericana Route - which is sure to make the heart of every road trip fan beat faster! Jet along the Chilean coast, past smoking volcanoes, colorful highland markets, old colonial cities and the endless Pacific Ocean.

Snapshots that will accompany you for a lifetime!

Country crossing in Bhutan

A traverse through the land of the thunder kite: an exciting road trip in a country where the clocks go, globalization is defied and the gross national product consists of luck.

Let yourself be taken on a deluxe round trip in the land of lived Buddhism, which will bring you closer to the original East and lead you through the most important monasteries in the West.

Mysticism, dances and deep Buddhism - simply pure fascination!


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

Luxury round trips and road trips with unforgettable journeys

You want to experience unique experiences in spectacular landscapes as free as a bird and be able to stop at your own personal pace at any time on the road bike to capture this natural spectacle forever? You don't just want to stay in one place, but want to experience fascinating travel experiences in several regions of a country? Our luxury round trips and road trips fulfill your desire for individual flexibility and combine this with outstanding lodges and wildly casual interpreted luxury.

You will discover Patagonia's eternal ice and the fairy tale forest in Los Alceres National Park on your road trip along the Ruta 40. You whiz with the jeep on the Carretera Austral in Chile from snow-covered volcanoes in Tierra del Fuego via the Seven Lakes Route to the Chilean Lake District.

Your luxury round trip in Tanzania takes you to the northern national parks Serengeti and Tarangire, where exciting safari experiences await you. Enjoy sunsets over the Ngorongoro Crater in outstanding lodges and let the beach paradise on Zanzibar caress your soul.

You cross the fascinating Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan from east to west and feel the original beauty and serenity of this country. The tiger's nest in Paro, waving prayer flags, impressive summit views and artistic temples - our luxury round trips in Bhutan open up completely new perspectives for discerning travelers.

From the Atacama Desert in Chile to the glittering salt lake Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, this road trip takes you past green and red lagoons and seething geysers to the Tunupa volcano. You spend the night in the exclusive seclusion of the endless expanse of the salt lake in an Airstream Camper or relax with relaxing spa treatments from the flood of breathtaking landscape impressions along the way.

Lovers of luxury round trips will also add the detour to Lake Titicaca in Peru to this road trip.

We design your travel itinerary individually and flexibly according to your wishes and ideas. You are on vacation and should have unforgettable moments, we will take care of the rest!

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