Contrast of ecosystems, from picturesque Cotopaxi ...

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

Ecuador, a country that hides a thousand worlds within its borders. Let yourself be inspired by Quito, fascinated by Otavalo, by the Cotopaxi National Park and by the Galapagos Enchant islands! It is one Round trip the extra class, which combines the most beautiful landscapes with the best accommodation - a dream come true that makes globetrotters' hearts beat faster!

Quito, welcomes you and whisks you away between countless alleys that are reminiscent of the colonial era, lets you rave about and presents you with the most beautiful places. In the wonderful Casa Gangotena can feel at home. This accommodation will seduce you with the incomparable South American joie de vivre and bring you wonderful days in one of the most beautiful capitals of all!

The wonderful, deep green landscape around Otavalo, the lively markets in the historic center, the colorful clothes and the hand-woven fabrics - a real pearl in the heart of Ecuador that will inspire you. All of this reflects your delightful accommodation - the Hacienda Zuleta. It is an explosion of colors, charm, hospitality and security.

Let yourself be pampered here, enjoy the soothing tranquility and the wonderful views - you will not be able to help but love this hacienda forever!
Countless places just waiting to be discovered and experienced by you - that is Ecuador. So pack the souvenirs you have collected so far and head to the Cotopaxi National Park. The sharp contrast between the green meadows and the snow-capped peaks will leave you speechless! This majestic volcano acts like an imaginary protector and mercilessly casts you under its spell!

And now: "Hasta luego mainland and hola island feeling!". Roll your suitcase on board the unique Sea Star Journey and "hop" across the diversity of the Galapagos Archipelago. Every single palm tree, every stone, every beach but above all every single island is the wonderful home of rare animal species. Watch from your pool the romping sea lions, the sunning iguanas and geckos and the turtles that have been here for more than a century Have found refuge.

Take all the impressions with you and - in love with this country - make your way to the airport. From a height of 10,000 m you will look down wistfully and make a final promise to yourself: to return to Ecuador!

Astrid & Bernhard M.

Costa Rica - 2021

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