Snowy peaks & seclusion - on the impressive paths of the Snowman Trek

Luxury and individual travel Bhutan. Bhutan - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

Lace up your shoes, cover a distance of 329 km on the Snowman Trek, overcome 11 passes and hike at an average altitude of 4,000 meters through the most breathtaking landscapes the Himalayan region has to offer. Among those in the know, one of the most demanding and at the same time impressive routes that can be done in the Himalayas and a source of strength, inspiration and self-discovery - the Snowman Trek is waiting for you!

Let yourself be inspired by the fascinating landscapes of the Himalayas and the culture and tradition of the Kingdom of Bhutan right from the start of your adventure. In the Paro valley, on an almost vertical rock and built in honor of the so-called “second Buddha” and “patron god of the country”, you will be amazed by the legendary Tiger's Nest. You will wonder how it can soar over the city of Paro and the valley at an altitude of 3,100 meters - an experience that you will not forget!

The legendary Snowman Trek is sure to be a real challenge. Described as one of the most difficult treks in the world, it may put off an adventurer, but its beauties cast a spell over passionate nature lovers on its paths.

This extraordinary path from Paro to Trongsa takes you into a world where nature only allows its legends and myths to be revealed for a few months of the year. Accordingly, this impressive, 329 km long route along the Himalayan high ridge is untouched, rough and unexplored.
Experience for yourself this unique mixture of snow-capped peaks, mountain meadows consisting of a colorful carpet of flowers on which yaks and wild horses graze, picturesque fields, the highest passes in the country with incomparable views and the unmistakable national culture - shaped by Buddhism, temples and prayer flags.

In the evening, put your feet up comfortably tired, enjoy the silence around you, let your thoughts run free by the warming flame of the campfire and lean back, because the twinkling stars in the completely clear sky are a spectacle that you cannot be missed. Wake up the next morning, open the door of your tent full of anticipation and you will be petrified:

The close-up view of the snow-capped 7,000-meter peaks, which have turned orange in the light of the rising sun, chirping birds, a crystal-clear sky and a thin layer of dew on the meadows that shimmers brighter than a thousand diamonds in the sunlight. It seems unimaginable how nature can produce such beauty and it is precisely at such moments that you understand that this is no ordinary trek, but one of the most formative and captivating of all.

Climb the highest passes in the country, immerse yourself in the culture of the small kingdom in the heart of the Himalayas, live in harmony - with yourself and nature - and end this valuable 329 km long experience with a warm shower in yours stunning place a Trongsa.

Finally, treat yourself to a cultural discovery tour through the most historic cities in the country. Experience masterpieces like the Trongsa or the Punakha Dzong up close, uncover the myths surrounding the fertility temple and let yourself be inspired by the unique mix of tradition and modernity that characterizes the capital Thimphu!

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Costa Rica - 2021

The best family trip we have ever done. And we have been traveling as a family for 20 years. The husky tour, the snowmobile race, the extraordinary lodges and camps - glamping in the snow - the incredible people we met and many other small and large details - have welded us together, challenged us, made us lastingly happy. Thank you Julia for the great coaching, the priceless inspiration and the perfect implementation.

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