Break new ground. Challenge yourself.

Based on the belief that people try to challenge themselves through unique, immersive and intrepid travel experiences that deliver a real sense of achievement.

Unforgettable Journeys founder has organized and participated in extreme environments around the world. She has a handpicked community of visionary experts on hand to deliver the very best and rarest adventure experiences that enrich life.

These unique experiences give the feeling of being a pioneer and the opportunity to experience places and cultures that few others have ever experienced and seen.

All trips are led by experienced expedition leaders who rely on their life experience and their many years of experience in the wilderness, some with military backgrounds. They ensure that the people embarking on such a journey and reflecting its exploratory and epic nature also travel safely.

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COSTA RICA - from the remote highlands to the sea through challenging landscapes inspired by deeply spiritual people

A journey from the highlands of Costa Rica to its breathtaking coast:

Interaction with the indigenous and very secluded Cabecar Indians, extreme white water rafting and the Osa Peninsula on foot and by kayak: an expedition for all the senses.

This journey brings the extreme and varied regions of this tropical country to life and takes you from the beaten path to the arenas that few people travel to.

This is the quintessence of this tropical expedition.

ATACAMA & SALAR DE UYUNI - through the surreality of the dramatic landscapes of South America

A unique expedition in which you will cross the sun-scorched Atacama Desert on horseback and by 4x4 off-road vehicle before crossing the border into Bolivia.

There, head to the breathtaking backdrop of the world's largest salt flats before ascending to the top of a volcano and finishing an adventure that spans some of the most dramatic landscapes in South America.

NAMIBIA - into the great wilderness of Damaraland and Kaokoland

Explore one of the largest wilderness areas in Africa on a unique journey through the dramatic, arid landscapes of Namibia.

On this trip, inspired by the locations and scenes of the Oscar-nominated film "Mad Max: Fury Road", we will take you by helicopter to the rough and desolate Skeleton Coast, where you will explore the remains of old ships as you walk the beaches, on which we form the background of the epic dystopian action film.

Over the next eight days you will conquer some of the most remote and hostile areas in Africa:

You will disappear from the scene of well-known adventure routes through Namibia, trek, track, camp wild and go on foot in search of the impressive desert lions and elephants


Do you like what you see? Contact us and we will give you all the details about our unforgettable signature journey. And don't forget: every trip is unique - that is, we develop your own personal dream trip based on this travel idea.

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