Unmistakable. Wonderful. Quiet. Bhutan is the last Shangri-La in the world. Bhutan’s commitment to preserving its rich ancient culture and traditions is magnificent. This mesmerizing, magical kingdom high in the Himalayas, nestled between the great giants of China and India, is steeped in legend, isolated from the surrounding steep cliffs and deep ravines, and adorned with precarious temples on mountain slopes. The love of people for dance, color and festivities is woven into the fabrics of their unique dress and their daily lives.

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Helicopter over the beautiful Punakha Valley, where dramatic landscapes are dotted with villages and majestic fort-like dzongs and monasteries. Visit Punakha Dzong, one of the most important religious and cultural sites in Bhutan, where the young king of Bhutan was married. Learn the art of national sport. Learn archery from Bhutanese locals. Drive to Gangtey Valley, a beautiful region for hiking and home to the notorious Hanuman Langur – monkeys that partially destroy the villagers’ crops in places. Talk to the locals about the challenges of managing their farms and industries, in an effort to protect the local fauna. Ride on elephants with a professional guide in search of tigers. Take a helicopter flight to Jangothan, the base camp for Bhutan’s holiest peak, Mount Jomo Lhari. Enjoy lunch at high altitude with dizzying views. Stroll along mighty rivers and savor local delicacies around the campfire. Unwind in stunning world-class hotels in misty valleys and wooded hillsides or in traditional Dzong-style resorts. Luxury and individual tours Bhutan, adventure luxury wild and casual. Inspirations for people who change the world. Experience unforgettable stories.


Colorful monastery festivals

Bhutanese monastic feasts are a truly spectacular event: colorful masks, lively music, pure joie de vivre and deep faith – a unique, yet mystical and enthralling embodiment of the ever-living tradition, religion and history of the country. Because what the Bhutanese can not put into words is transformed into a dance that – how could it be otherwise – is addressed to the deities. Be part of it and you will be speechless!

Meditation & Astrology

Not far from the capital Thimpu, idyllically situated and in the spirit of the characteristic mysticism of this land, immerse yourself deeply in the teachings of astrology in the Pangri Zampa Lhakhang monastery. Here, where approximately 100 monks are initiated into the comprehensive secrets of the stars and star pictures, you will experience a unique encounter with students and scholars, paired with the art of meditation. Unique and captivating at the same time!



Hardly any other country is as bisexual as Bhutan, for the sport of the nation is actually archery – and inevitably embodies part of national pride. From an early age everyone learns how to handle a bow and arrow and hit the center of the disc as exactly as possible. Accordingly, this sport also fills every free minute of every Bhutanese. Participate in an archery lesson, remember the tips and tricks that the master reveals to you and thus pack a part of the country culture in your travel backpack – experiences and impressions that nobody can take from you.

Trekking on the Jhomolhari Loop

In front of you, the highest mountain in the country, the Jhomolhari, looms majestically – you are on the Jhomolhari trek, a breathtaking route through the gloriously isolated paths of the kingdom. Colorful prayer flags, intriguing chorten, snow-capped peaks and traditional yak breeders – all of this will guide you on your journey, ensuring you recharge your batteries, gain inspiration, and finally be fascinated by this small Himalayan country.


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Season / Weather / Climate

The climate in Bhutan varies greatly from region to region, even within short distances. From the subtropical southern hills foothills at about 200m above sea level, the country rises to snow-capped glacier peaks of over 7000m in the north. The central strip of land, which is the most frequented by tourists, is between 900m and 4500m high. The capital Thimphu is located at 2400m above sea level. In this region, spring brings warm days and cool nights in the months of March to May (daytime temperatures between 15-20 ° C). There are occasional heavy rains in June. The milder months of fall (September to November) are less wet, and the best time for trekking. The temperature at night can drop below 0 ° C! The winter months of December, January and February are the coldest and the nighttime temperatures in the higher valleys often drop below -10 ° C. It can also come to snow. The winter months, however, with their sunny blue skies, and the clarity of the view, guarantee an excellent view of the magnificent, snow-capped peaks! Thus, between the end of September and the end of November, the sky is clear and the distance is very good, but also the travel time between March and May has its charms. Travel between December and February is restricted. You should avoid the monsoon season between June and August.

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Official language is Dzongkha. English is the official language. Due to the remoteness of many villages many different dialects have been preserved. Sharchop Kha, the northern dialect, is the most widespread. Nepali is also spoken. English has been taught in schools since 1964 and is therefore widely used. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is identical in terms of religion and way of life to Mahajana Buddhism, Buddhism from Tibet, Lamaist, Tantric Buddhism. This religion is deeply rooted in the people of Bhutan.

To eat and drink

The national dish is “Ema Datshi”: a stew made of yak cheese and mild chilli pods served with rice. Other ingredients of Bhutanese cuisine include buckwheat, corn and meat, which is often made into stews. A lot of tea is drunk (especially butter tea), but also alcoholic drinks like beer as well as rice and corn wine are available.


In Bhutan, Tibetan Buddhism is very much alive. On numerous festive days, people flock to the ceremonies in festive clothing. A colorful spectacle of dance and music, mask and sword dances – certainly a highlight on every Bhutanreisen.

Visa & entry requirements

The Government of Bhutan has a very specific visa policy. The entry is basically only possible as a tourist (group and individual traveler) or as a guest of the government. Visitors must book their trip through one of Bhutan’s registered travel companies. For the entry you need a valid visa – this is of course mavia soul travel help. To enter Bhutan, German citizens need a passport valid for at least 6 months and a visa confirmation (issued by unforgettable journeys). Upon entry, a $ 20 entry fee will be charged. All trips are organized by Bhutanese travel companies and currently cost $ 240 per day of stay (for single travelers, group travel may cost $ 200 per person). This includes all basic services such as accommodation, meals, travel guides, etc. It may be higher in individual cases for additional services and applies to cultural trips as well as for trekking expeditions.

Bhutan travel with unforgettable journeys

On our Bhutan trips, you will come in unexpected ways to the impressive beauty of this mystical land. Spectacular landscapes, exceptional accommodation and a rich culture that is unmatched in life and people in Bhutan are waiting to be discovered by you. Our travels are luxury travel – modern, casual and wildly interpreted.

You will trek on the legendary and famous Snowman Trek. As one of Bhutan’s most difficult treks, it’s sure to lure experienced trekking adventurers along the incredible views along the Himalayan ridge between Paro and Trongsa. But even for inexperienced trekking lovers Bhutan holds unique beautiful paths through green fields, quaint villages and dense forests ready. The Druk Path Trek not only gives you unique views of mountain ranges from a height of over 4000m.

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You will be carried away by the colorful spectacle of the monastery festivals, which are the annual place of spiritual celebration and experience. To be present at the festivities with drum sound, expressive dances and works of art promises you not only Buddhist blessings but also unforgettable experiences.

Of course, a visit to Tiger’s Nest, one of the holiest sites in the country, should not be missed. Firmly anchored to the cliff, it seems to float above the Paro valley.

Experience an amazing adventure with the whole family, rafting on wild rivers and learning traditional archery.

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