Unforgettable travel is more than just a holiday

You can go on holiday - or experience an unforgettable journey.

The difference is that when you go on holiday you change geography, into the warm, maybe to a higher level of luxury, do more sport, maybe enjoy more nature.

With Unforgettable Travel you create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Mark the highlights in your life. And: which also inspire your personal growth. And that of your fellow travellers. Unforgettable trips have clear characteristics and can be planned.

You don't have to hope for chance.

I am currently experiencing an unforgettable trip I plan with my two sons through Indonesia, which has only just reopened: Flores, Komodo, Bali, Gili Meno, Nusa Penida - all beautiful places.

Only: the highlights of a trip arise when we connect with a place, this place triggers something in us. touches us.

For more impressions of the trip, follow me on Instagram . Indonesia is an inspiring travel destination, find out more about the possibilities here .

Wayan, our friend and our connection to the Balinese Hindu culture, made some of the highlights possible for us.

For example, today we celebrated the 10-day "celebration of good" with Wayan that started yesterday. We made offerings and then distributed them in all directions of our villa and also in our car.

And at the same time we prayed, we wished for something, we meditated. To remind us to do good and ask the gods and spirits to be good to us. And to think about what good even means.

Wayan told us a lot about his community of around 120 people and how everyone sticks together. And we stuck together and took care of each other, especially during Corona times, when it became difficult for many people in Bali, like everywhere else in the world. Being alone would have meant poverty and hunger for many here.

And we too have already made plans with whom we want to connect more intensively and regularly at home and how. And what kind of offerings we, as a family, want to regularly make together and distribute around the house to remember Wayan.

With this in mind - travel unforgettable, discover yourself in the world, grow and change the world!

Your Julia

PS You can find more about our trip to Indonesia on Instagram .

PPS You would also like to experience unforgettable journey with your kids here you will find inspiration .


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