Our luxury hotels in Argentina are an absolute work of art and, like few other adventures, combine with luxury. They are in harmony with nature, provide views, speechlessness and treat you to first-class dishes. For you, we have carefully selected our absolute favorite luxury hotels in Argentina. Whether it’s fascinating jungle lodges, breathtaking Iguassu waterfall hotels or exclusive lodging in the middle of the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego, every accommodation is a wonderful one-of-a-kind property. Casual luxury meets adventure.




Luxury hotels Argentina

A special selection of exceptional and special hotels we have met for you in the country of the gauchos with our luxury hotels in Argentina. The incredible combination of casual luxury, adventure, the best of cuisine in a unique natural setting and incredible views make these hotels in Argentina so special. At Hotel Faena, in the bustling capital of Buenos Aires, you can experience the bohemian flair and the sounds of tango in stylish elegance in the heart of the city. At the luxury hotel Eolo, immerse yourself in the typical life of an Argentine Estancia. In the middle of the Patagonian Pampas, you ride like the gauchos through the countryside and enjoy the comfort of the Argentine luxury hotel of the extra class. As in paradise, you feel celestial between the vines embedded Entre Cielos in Mendoza. The rainforest and imposing Iguazu Falls will be an unforgettable experience at the luxurious Yakutinga Lodge. On a cruise with the Marpatag Cruzeros through the Patagonian Glacier World on the Lago Argentino, you will experience the Perito Moreno very close and enjoy the glittering eternal ice with moonlight and a menu of the extra class. Our handpicked and self-traveling luxury hotels in Argentina are far from standard luxury. Luxury means being free for us and taking incredible experiences of an extra class trip home.

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