Top 4 Argentina Travel Tips: Travel to Argentina

“Unique through Argentina – absolute highlights”
Argentina Travel Tips: Argentina is huge and so diverse that putting together a travel itinerary can be quite a challenge. The distances are so great, the regions so different, and so much to see and experience - where is the time to enjoy? And enjoyment, yes, that is Argentina for me through and through.

I would therefore like to introduce you to my favorite places in Argentina - places that should not be missing in your itinerary because they will give you unique experiences and memories of Argentina without getting in the way of an intense and conscious experience of the country. No haste, just pure pleasure - just like a trip through Argentina (and any other trip too) should be.

Travel to Argentina : 4 top Argentina travel tips

1) Big City Life: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is not only the capital and Argentina's cultural and political center; the city is very likely to be the first stop on your trip to Argentina. Get off the plane and arrive in this exciting metropolis full of energy. There are 48 districts to discover, so you should give yourself a few days to do justice to the diversity of the city.

A city tour by private car provides the ideal first overview, or for that special touch, by bike. The city's most famous neighborhood is called La Boca - you've probably seen the many colorful houses in pictures, but the real energy here is even better! Then it's off to Buenos Aires' most expensive area, the Puerto Madero port area and the Costanera Sur Nature Reserve, to relax - you're practically 'out of the city' that quickly.

Exclusive Argentina travel tips: I particularly like a bike tour to the Recoleta and Palermo districts – my absolute favorite districts in Buenos Aires. Recoleta has many beautiful, majestic French-style buildings, large parks to relax in, and a cemetery that CNN ranks among the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.

Many celebrities are buried here, including Argentina's first democratic president, Raúl Alfonsín, and Napoleon's granddaughter, Isabel Walewski Colonna. Palermo is a piece of nature in the middle of the city, which is a popular recreation area for both tourists and locals. So a day in Recoleta and Palermo is an authentic and relaxing experience!

2. Road trip to solitude: Ruta 40

In the car, behind the wheel, with nothing in front of you but endless stretches of asphalt, you really realize the size of Argentina. The feeling of driving straight ahead for days (okay, there should be a few curves too), always in the direction of Patagonia. I am particularly in love with the Ruta 40 - and not only me; the journey along this road is considered one of the most beautiful road trips in the world.

Individual travel to Argentina: Your route takes you east along the Andes to the south, past Argentina's most important national parks and remote secrets such as the "Petrified Forest" or the "Cave of the Hands", where you can admire paintings thousands of years old. The hiking trails in the national parks provide a change from driving - but you can't help but be amazed in the car or on foot. Experiencing Argentina in this way is an absolute must!

3. Into the Eternal Ice: Calafate & Perito Moreno Glacier

El Calafate is THE starting point for visiting the famous glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park, but very few people plan to spend time on the town itself. Too bad - I think. I really enjoyed catching a breath for a day here between all the scenic highlights that Patagonia has to offer, sitting in a cafe and strolling through the streets. For me, a stopover in Calafate is one of the absolute must-dos of a trip to Argentina.

Of course, a detour to the glaciers of the Andes should not be missed; most notably the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is often said to be the only glacier in the world that is growing and not shrinking. Glaciologists don't quite agree on whether that's true - but it's true that the glacier has truly impressive dimensions.

Argentina Exclusive Travel Tips: Tourists abound here, but there's a simple trick to avoiding the hordes: instead of mini-trekking up the glacier (which almost everyone does), opt for a full-day ice trek in smaller groups. Yes, a full day on the ice is more of a challenge, but it is also a much more intense experience on this unique glacier!

4. To the End of the World: Tierra del Fuego

And then there is Tierra del Fuego and the legendary “end of the world”, probably the most remote place in Argentina. The best way to get here is to get on the plane, by car you have to drive through Chile and have a few more days. Ushuaia on the Argentinian side of Tierra del Fuego likes to call itself the southernmost city in the world.

Although debatable depending on the definition of “city”, this place is an ideal starting point to discover the Tierra del Fuego National Park and the islands of the region.

Hikes lead along the coast, high in the mountains, criss-cross the islands and to deep blue lakes. You can take a rubber dinghy from one nature reserve to the next, leaving civilization far behind you. The Montes Martial Circuit through the Tierra del Fuego National Park is particularly beautiful and takes you through the wilderness for a few days. You couldn't experience Tierra del Fuego better.

A very special highlight is a cruise with a detour to the "end of the world", Cape Horn. Or do you still take the last step and dare the Antarctic adventure? Again, Ushuaia is a good place to start.

Of course there is much more to discover in Argentina - from the wines of the north to the estencias in the pampas or the Iguazu waterfalls on the border with Brazil. Discover your personal travel offer here with us.


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