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June 10, 2022
Unforgettable travel is more than just a holiday
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July 1, 2021
How to enjoy your vacation in Swedish Lapland

The Lapland region in the north of Sweden is best known for its wonderful winter landscape. As you can probably guess, I fell madly in love with the Swedish part of Lapland. I've had so many great experiences that I can hardly put them into words.

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June 21, 2019
Patagonia travel guide

The celebrity chef Francis Mallmann welcomes an illustrious selected number of guests - on his private island in Patagonia, ...

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June 11, 2019
Ideat magazine

In the style of the Little Prince, who explained to me as a child that you can only see clearly with the heart and that what is really important is invisible to the eyes ...

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29 May 2019
PATAGONIA - the ultimate grill and cooking school in the world

On a secret island in Patagonia you will find the most distant cooking school in the world - the romantic escape of the popular South American chef Francis Mallmann, a meat-smoking nomad who quotes poetry and has grilled for David Beckham and the King of Spain.

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May 24, 2019
The total solar eclipse & the best stargazing in the world for people who really want to immerse themselves completely

The "Norte Chico" of Chile is a partly dry, partly fertile piece of land in a transition zone between the fertile central valley and the Atacama, the driest desert in the world.

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May 13, 2019
Atacama & Salar de Uyuni - through the surreality of the most dramatic landscapes in South America

Do you also know that feeling of power, inspiration and emotion when you discover a magical place? For me it can be landscapes, lodges, cafes, beach bars. There are always places that speak to me.

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May 13, 2019
Costa Rica - from the remote highlands to the sea through challenging landscapes inspired by deeply spiritual people

A journey from the highlands of Costa Rica to its breathtaking coast: interaction with the indigenous and very withdrawn Cabecar Indians, extreme white water rafting and the Osa peninsula on foot and by kayak: an expedition for all the senses.

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9 May 2019
Peru travel tips - impulses for a more sustainable lifestyle

The essence of the trip: Peru travel tips - develop a more sustainable lifestyle

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October 12, 2017
Guide: road trip with children

Road trips are often an essential part of individual trips - whether directly from home when arriving by yourself, or on site to cover long stretches of a large region. Traveling by car has the advantage of being able to decide where to go and when to take breaks. You travel more slowly, but also more intensively. You can also have as much luggage and equipment with you as you want, or fit in the trunk ...

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