Costa Rica - from the remote highlands to the sea through challenging landscapes inspired by deeply spiritual people

The essence of the trip:

A journey from the highlands of Costa Rica to its breathtaking coast: interaction with the indigenous and very withdrawn Cabecar Indians, extreme white water rafting and the Osa peninsula on foot and by kayak: an expedition for all the senses. This trip brings the extreme and varied regions of this tropical country to life and takes you from the beaten path to the arenas that few people travel to. This is the quintessence of this tropical expedition.

This trip gives you:

  • The opportunity to spend time with the very secluded Cabecar Indians, to immerse themselves in their lives and to learn from them. A privilege only granted to a few guests. is.
  • A special kind of rafting tour in one of the most extreme waters in the world during a three-day intensive river expedition.
  • To have mastered the euphoria on foot and by kayak on an expedition that took you from the most remote highlands to the wild coast. You will traverse challenging landscapes and have the chance to be inspired by deeply spiritual people
  • The breathtaking contrasts and landscapes that Costa Rica has to offer combined with a fantastic range of sporting adventures, from canyoning and rafting in the rainforest to kayaking and hiking along the remote Pacific coast.


The journey begins in San Jose, from where you set off to the Turrialba region for the first day of canyoning and kayak and explore the Rio Pejibaye. The perfect start to introduce you to the expedition. The next day you set off for the breathtaking Pacuare rainforest to begin a day trip through the green mountainous region. The day starts with a mountain bike. Your guides take you through extreme terrain before exploring the remote Pacauare Valley on foot for half a day. An area that only a few guests come to experience an overwhelming feeling of seclusion and unspoiled nature.

In the Pacuare Valley, spend time with the Cabecar Indians, who will introduce you to their community over the next two days, show you how to live on and in unity with the land and introduce you to a very spiritual way of life, to which very few people get access. This experience also includes learning to hunt and looking for food for the community with the tribe members in the depths of the rainforest. After two days with the Cabecar, you will begin your epic river expedition through the upper Pacuare Valley. Class 3 to 4 rapids await. A spectacular experience high up in the rainforest valley with lush jungle and cascading waterfalls around you.

As you move from the lower reaches of the Pacuare Valley, continue to dense layers of land and the Osa Peninsula, where you paddle a kayak along the stunning coastline on day seven. A section where you have to prove your physical fitness and be rewarded by the incredible marine diversity. The next day the two-day Corcovado trek begins. This trip takes you deep into the lowland rainforest where you have the opportunity to see a wonderful variety of wildlife. You will encounter monkeys, jaguars, eagles, crocodiles and many more. The area you will be hiking through is extremely remote and rarely visited by people. An extraordinary experience far from the usual

At the end of the Corcovado hike, you will arrive at the mouth of the Rio Sirena, where you can see an abundance of caimans and sharks. From here you take a boat to San Pedrillo and hike to Bahia Paraiso and Drake Bay, where for the next two days you can enjoy the beautiful warming waters and the relaxation that this tropical paradise brings. The eco lodge you will be staying at is a great place to end your adventure. Relaxation in luxury tents awaits you. In Bahia, an area only accessible on foot or by boat, you can swim, sea kayak, snorkel, or just relax in the sheltered bay on the beach. You can enjoy a breathtaking beach location and an incredibly diverse and colorful bird world.

The facts:

Duration: 11 days

Best travel time: May - October

Price from 8,660 euros per person.

The price includes:

The price given above is for 1 person and includes detailed travel planning and advice, setting up the expedition and all of the nationwide logistics. This price also includes a first class guide who specializes in the selected area, an extensive local guiding support team, training and technical equipment for the trip, as well as all domestic travel, including all flights and accommodation required for your expedition. Most meals and drinks are also included. However, the price may vary depending on the individual planning.


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