Isolated. Ascending. Impenetrable. The Tibet of America.

The highest and harshest country in the western hemisphere. Bolivia’s landscape ranges from the Amazon to the Andes, from dense drizzle and shimmering salt marshes to frozen, jagged peaks. The multi-layered and fascinating culture includes some 36 indigenous groups that have been unchanged in their clothing and traditions for centuries, giving color to the already saturated landscapes. Explore the driest desert in the world with your camera. Visit active geysers on mineral lakes. Enjoy dinner at sunset, prepared by one of Bolivia’s finest chefs, with a private show featuring local dance and music. Go to a high place with a recognized astrologer to understand the ancient cosmic vision and philosophy of the Andes. Make an effort to see the horizon on the Salar de Uyuni salt pans.

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Take a private lesson with a professional photographer or take your family photos while the sun goes down. Enjoy a private show with fireworks reflected in the salt pans. Explore the southwest of the country – the “Wild West” at its best, with great rides, hikes and 4×4 excursions. Visit Rurrenabaque in the Amazon and immerse yourself in the rainforest. Let the local traditions affect you in markets in the eastern lowlands. Enjoy this surreal landscape in a hotel of endless blocks of salt blocks, a traditional ranch in the middle of the desert or palatial villa hotels and private houses in the foothills. Bolivia luxury travel. Adventure luxury, wild and casual. Experience stories that reflect and enrich you and your environment.



The largest salt lake in the world calls and waits for you with breathtaking colors. From bright red to lush green lagoons, pink flamingos and a bright white salt surface that does not seem to end. Get over the colorful Bolivian Altiplano, marvel at such a spectacular sight and feel – with the view into the distance – an indescribable feeling of freedom and boundlessness. A very special place that believes in magic!


Conquer La Paz from the air: Instead of taxiing through the twisting streets of the airport to reach your quarters – board the unique cable car and approach your home from time to time. La Paz unites originality, mysticism & culture. Witch markets, steep streets, bell towers, red-tiled roofs and artfully decorated balconies will take you to another time and anticipate the coming days, which you will spend in this rousing land.


Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world and the cradle of Inca culture – is a hidden gem between Bolivia and Peru. Once you arrive here, you become aware that you have landed in another world: the Uros – the primitive people living there – live mainly from alpaca, llama and sheep breeding, plus a backdrop of mud and reed houses and the deep blue Lake, which reflects the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. This authenticity, paired with such a spectacular nature will inspire you and bring you unforgettable memories.


Dome Camp is a Mad Max Adventure. From afar, the white pods look like a space station designed by Buckminsterfuller. Its metallic structure consists of repeated equilateral triangles and is the essence of mathematical elegance. In front of or on top of the dome, a transparent panel offers a sweeping view of the Salar and its starry sky. Illuminated at night, with solar panels between the domes, they are one of the coolest and most surreal observation stations in the arid region.


The high air is thin, the wind sometimes tight, the legs get tired – but the mind is euphoric with the incredible happiness that can trigger the surreal landscapes of the Altiplano between Chile and Bolivia coupled with the physical effort in some of us. For connoisseurs a dream.


Stay in a hotel made entirely of salt, on the edge of the incredibly bright white salt pans of Bolivia. Nestled on the banks of the Salar de Uyuni, the hotel is made of salt, and offers a unique place to rest and enjoy in perfect balance with the surroundings.


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Season / Weather / Climate

In general, it is tropical in Bolivia, but there are strong fluctuations within the country, which are determined by the different altitude ranges. In general, Bolivia can be traveled all year round. The best time to visit La Paz and the salt lakes is due to the dry season from April to October. It is best to travel to the Altiplano between May and October. At this time it is cool, but also dry and clear.

The time difference compared to the Central European Time (CET) is +5 hours. During the summer, the time difference between Germany and Bolivia is +6 hours.


The official language in Bolivia is Spanish. In addition to Spanish, the indigenous languages ​​Aymara and Quechua are still spoken in the highlands. Furthermore, there are many different ethnic groups who speak their own language.

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To eat and drink

“Dad” (the potato) – There are several hundred species (!) Of these, so they are actually always part of a meal. As a snack in between, especially the Saltenas and Empanadas are very popular. On the shores of Lake Titicaca you get delicious and fresh trout. The national drink is “Singani”, a schnapps made from grapes.


Bolivia has the highest Indian population in South America. The indigenous cultures are still unadulterated here and the traditions are deeply rooted in society. Material values ​​are not important to Bolivians, people live in the here and now.