Great. Lush. Animalistic. The Galapagos are impossible to exaggerate.

Where can you meet giant tortoises in the misty highlands in the morning and swim with playful sea lions in the afternoon? Dramatic volcanic scenes add to the sense of surrealism as you sunbathe on black lava rocks next to prehistoric-looking sea iguanas, play with blue and red footed boobies and frigatebirds, and then dive below to meet sharks. Bizarre cactus forests and lush green highlands are surrounded by beautiful white beaches and turquoise bays. This World Heritage Site is unique.

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Gain access to restricted areas accompanied by world-renowned experts. Enjoy specially arranged trips to the most secretive treasures of the Galápagos Islands. With special permission, hike to the crater rim of Alcedo Volcano and witness the last wild populations of giant tortoises. Watch flocks of hammerhead sharks and get the chance to encounter whale sharks. Dive into Wolf Rock, Darwin’s Arch and the world famous Cristo de Diablo (Devil’s Crown). Swim in lava caves in Puerto Egas and encounter turtles, sea lions and penguins. Experience the underwater pasture of the marine iguanas. Sit in silence and admire the ancient scene. Look at giant tortoises bathing in mud pools on the top of a volcano. See falcons and shellfish, reptiles and endemic plants of extraordinary beauty. Retreat to the privacy of your luxury yacht every day to dine and sleep under the stars. Luxury Travel Galapagos, adventure luxury wild and casual. Inspirations for people who change the world. Experience unforgettable stories.



The Galapagos Islands are the stunning home of endemic flora and fauna. Only here you will find such a large variety of rare animal and plant species that has even made it into the famous list of UNESCO World Natural Heritage. “Hopping” from one island to another – Isla Isabela, Floreana, Santa Cruz or Fernandina – each one has something unique and catapults you into a colorful world that is in vain.


Among the many jewels that the Pacific has to offer, the Galapagos Islands are certainly one that attracts the attention of surfers. Not only is the archipelago of great historical and scientific relevance, it also offers an incredible combination of world-class waves, friendly atmosphere and accessibility, making it an extremely tempting option for a surf trip, regardless of the seasons.


Do not miss the opportunity and roll your bags on board the luxurious cruise ship, which will take you on a journey of discovery to the most beautiful islands of the Galapagos archipelago. Let your soul dangle on board, enjoy the feeling of boundlessness that the ocean gives you and let yourself be carried off to snow-white beaches, lush forests, dry lava landscapes and blue-shimmering lagoons. Thrilling contrasts that will take your breath away on every island – look forward to it!


Experience a new way to discover the Galapagos Islands. The first eco and luxury camp in Ecuador builds on the African safari tradition, where guests enjoy the absolute comfort of their tents while experiencing pure nature – glamping at its best! This incomparable place lies on the edge of a 400m high gorge on the island of Santa Cruz. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the National Park, the Pacific Ocean and the western and northern Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are simply unique. In addition to the facilities of the camp, you can take various safaris and trekking. Active travelers, families or diving fans – your individual wishes and requirements are fulfilled!


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Season / Weather / Climate

The climate in Ecuador varies greatly depending on the region. In general, you can travel the country all year round, but you can distinguish between rainy and rainy seasons. The driest months are June to September, while between December and April the heaviest rain falls, especially in the rainforest.

Galapagos: From December, January to May, June tropical summer temperatures prevail and the seawater is warm. During this time heavy rainstorms on the islands are possible; Nevertheless, this time period has the most sunny days. From June to November, December rather cool air and water temperatures prevail. With the Humboldt Current, subtropical weather fronts reach Galapagos. Often, then thick clouds envelop the higher island layers and it comes to fog and drizzle. The sea is very rough and cool especially from August to October. The probability of bad weather is highest during these months. Coast: The climate is tropical with temperatures between 24-31 ° C. The rainy season lasts from December to May. However, partly the weather can be better here than in the dry season.

Highlands: Around noon, temperatures of about 25 ° C are reached, at night it often cools down to 9 ° C. One calculates per 200 meters of altitude with a temperature drop of 1 ° C. Most rainfall occurs between November – April. In Quito, a spring-like climate prevails throughout the year.

Amazonian lowlands: The climate is generally humid, warm and rainy with temperatures around 23-26 ° C. The least rainfall occurs between October – December.

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The time difference to Ecuador compared to the Central European Time (CET) is – 6 hours. During the summer, the time difference between Germany and Ecuador is 7 hours. The Galapagos Islands are an hour to the west, so the time difference is – 1 hour compared to Ecuador.


The official language in Ecuador is Spanish. The indigenous people of the highlands speak the ancient Inca language Quetchua and many tribal languages ​​are spoken in the Amazon.

To eat and drink

Almost every table has ají, a very hot spicy sauce made from peppers. In addition, many dishes are often spiced with coriander. Enjoy a delicious freshly squeezed fruit juice for your meal – the selection is great.


Full of energy and zest for life are the Ecuadorians, hence the great sense of celebration. Hearty people, where family and friendship are capitalized. Visitors can look forward to an open and helpful people. Of Ecuador’s 12.6 million inhabitants, about 40% are indigenous, 40% are mestizos, 10% whites, 5% blacks and 5% others. Approximately 2.2 million people live in the largest city of Guayaquil, followed by Quito with about 1.6 million and Cuenca with 300,000 inhabitants. Also densely populated is the coastal strip. In the Oriente, the lowlands of Ecuador, on the other hand, only 3% of the population live. About 82% of Ecuadorians are Catholics, but there are also smaller Protestant communities, as well as various sects, which are increasingly used, especially in rural areas.

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They glide along the course of the Amazon aboard an elegant cruise ship, gaining an insight into the fragile naturalness of this habitat. In the Yasuni National Park you can marvel at the biodiversity, which makes up 120 of the reptile species, 380 species of fish and 600 species of birds that make up the splendor of this tropical rainforest. They meet the locals and celebrate with them the rituals and elements that make up their daily routine.

Our Galapagos Travel offers plenty of opportunity for activity and absolute relaxation in perfect seclusion for lovers of exclusive tranquility with sea views. Island hopping on the Galapagos Islands, with their expert guide, explore the unique natural beauty of Tintotereras, Isabela and Co. and walk along beautiful trails with penguins and marine iguanas.

Not only the Galapagos archipelago bears witness to volcanic activity in Ecuador. Even the ascent of the Cotopaxi gray smoke show the way to the summit. You enter mystical cloud forests, live in the middle of the jungle in the modern glass palace, the Mashpi Lodge, and experience the secrets of the rainforest.

You will find peace and inspiration on your Ecuador trip at the unique slow-travel travel experience with Ecuador’s steam locomotive, which takes you from the highlands to the Pacific coast past picturesque crater lakes and small villages to the climax of the train journey: the Devil’s Nose – a daredevil slope that the train engineers can master could master.

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