Dramatically. Enormous. Incompatible. Namibia is a whispered promise of pure adventure.

If a place deserves the award for the best deserts and dunes, it’s Namibia. Nestled between the Kalahari and the South Atlantic, coastal landscapes, vast dunes and shimmering white plains are among the most photographed landscapes on Earth. Those who now think there is a dearth of nature’s riches are a thing of the past: torrential surf, dense bush and deep rivers make it one of the best places for wildlife in southern Africa, from large cats and elephants to rare black rhinos, loves some impressive creatures here.

Hunt across the dunes in quad bikes or meet native Himba nomads, one of the last authentic nomadic tribes in Africa. Take an intoxicating low-level flight along the Skeleton Coast. Explore mammalian skeletons, shipwrecks, roaring coastal dunes, windswept plains and seal colonies before returning to luxurious lodges. Take a look for crocodiles along the Kunene River. Walk through dry riverbeds and encounter extraordinary desert animals, from rhinos and elephants to springboks and zebras. Wander through the craters of extinct volcanoes and meteorite impacts. Float with a hot air balloon over the burning red dunes of Sossusvlei at sunrise. At the end of the day, relax in exceptional small-scale camps, traditionally thatched chalets, authentic mud huts or harmonious luxury lodges in the Namib Desert.

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Already as a child, it was terribly exciting to spend a night outdoors under the starry sky – eye to eye with the loneliness, the darkness and the dangerously exciting that surrounds nights per se. Why should that be different as an adult? If there are still thousands and a billion stars above your head and you feel like you just need to reach out to grab one, then what happens with such a moment happens: it becomes memorable.


Trail Camps are a wonderful multi-day hiking adventure through the incomparable Namibian wilderness. Together with a very experienced guide, you can walk between 8-12 km per day. The first and the third night you spend in a Canvas Camp, but one night in the open air with a view of the millions of sparkling stars. An experience made for active travelers who enjoy nothing more than unusual experiences that will remain unforgettable and enrich their lives forever.


See areas you would never reach by jeep because the ground is too soft or too sandy, or fallen trees block your way. Discover animals that would otherwise run away from afar in front of the loud engines of jeeps, hear sounds you’ve never heard before, and immerse yourself in a wandering adventure that takes you deep into the last corners of the stunning African bush leads, while in your belly thousand of butterflies fly before positive excitement.


If you ask the Duden, an aperó is a social custom that comes originally from France and Switzerland and combines enjoyment with conviviality. Nothing else means that in Namibia. Only that the landscape is more mystical, spectacular and extraordinary, the food tastes more intense, the sky continues and the world seems bigger and you sit while dining on the fine meat specialties at a campfire in the middle of nowhere, to which in theory also elephant, rhino or antelope. But only theoretically.


A kayak trip into the beautiful Atlantic Lagoon of Walvis Bay, flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and the desert, will impress you, especially if you encounter curious dolphins, seals or luckily also sunfish and humpback whales. However, the Walvis Bay Lagoon is especially famous for the countless seabirds that live there. Thousands of pelicans, flamingos and terns will magically cross your path. But also kite surfers find here one of the best natural speed areas in combination with.


Float above the things on this incredible journey in this unique flying vehicle and see the vast, unimaginably large and infinite dune landscape from above. Enjoy the captivating silence of the lofty heights, the barely eloquent view, the magic of the land and surprise yourself as the radiance in your face increases from second to second.



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Season / Weather / Climate

The climate is typical of a semi-desert country. The days are warm to hot and the nights are usually cool. Temperatures are regulated by the high plateau inland and by the cold Benguela River, which runs along the Atlantic coast. Namibia is usually dry with very little rainfall except in the first months of the year.

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The time difference to Namibia compared to the Central European Time (CET) is – 0 hours.


The official language in Namibia is English in accordance with Chapter 1, Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of Namibia. A number of languages ​​enjoy legal protection as so-called national languages, namely Afrikaans, German, Khoekhoegowab, OshiKwanyama, Oshindonga, Otjiherero, RuKwangali and Silozi.

To eat and drink

The offer of food in Namibia is varied. However, the most widespread among the indigenous population is definitely “Pap”. Pap is a cornmeal porridge that is traditionally eaten with the right hand. In Namibia, the Pap is a variety of vegetables, especially kidney beans or cabbage. There are chicken or beef. Pap is in principle comparable to polenta and is widely used in other African countries – always under a different name. In Namibia it is best to drink bottled water only. The tap water is mostly contaminated in the cities and should be boiled before consumption in any case. Many ranches in Namibia have their own spring, whose water is drinkable.


Like South Africa, Namibia is a “rainbow nation” and, like many African countries, a country of great cultural diversity. In Namibia, up to twelve different population groups live together with different cultural, linguistic and historical traditions. The population groups have partly immigrated to the country in recent centuries – but some have been living their “ethnogenesis” in present-day Namibia since the beginning.

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Fly aboard a hot-air balloon over the Namib Desert and look out for the rare desert elephants or the last living black rhinos.

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