Be enchanted by the following travel suggestions with unique experiences, special encounters and breathtaking impressions. Secluded picturesque places, extreme landscapes, touching nature experiences, refined living. Our WOW trips take you to extraordinary destinations where you can be pampered and amazed.


Patagonien Kap Hoorn Flug

A flight over Cape Horn

Once feared by sailors, by helicopter or a small plane just WOW. You are looking at the bizarre, wild landscape from above. The sea rages at the southernmost tip of Latin America, where the Pacific and the Atlantic face each other. The view gives you an unforgettable WOW experience.

Amazonas Fluss in Ecuador

Peru – luxury cruise on the Amazon

The Amazon – the water reservoir of the earth. You will cruise past the dense and mysterious jungle, catch a glimpse of the pink river dolphins and experience kayaking and how human beings and nature live together in a harmonious and harmonious way – a fabulous symbiosis that will lastingly shape you!

Chile – Mystical moai figures on Easter Island

The legendary Easter Island is a unique and lonely place, best known for its mystical and mysterious Moai statues. The world-famous stone colossi reach a height of up to 22 meters. Experience the culture of the Rapa Nui and discover the green island with its Polynesian roots on your own.

Tanzania – Hot Air Balloon Safari

The endless plains of the Serengeti, with galloping herds of wildebeests, grazing zebras, lurking lions, and bathing elephants – this is the image that stretches beneath you, giving you a unique experience. A safari trip in Tanzania of a very special kind, which will give you incomparable views and unforgettable geese skin experiences!

Bhutan – monastery festivals

In the middle of the buten bustle, the colors, the music. Immerse yourself in Bhutan’s joyful Buddhist monasteries: colorful masks, lively music, pure joie de vivre and deep faith – a unique, yet mystical and enthralling embodiment of the ever-living tradition, religion and history of the country.

Mongolia – Yak across grassy plains

On the path of the nomads, accompanied by yaks and carts. Meander through bright green meadows, enchanting hilly landscapes and lush larch and birch forests. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of the nomads and feel as natural and carefree as never before!


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