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“Galapagos Islands | Galapagos Safari Camp "

Most travelers connect the Galapagos Islands with exclusive cruise ships that take one to two weeks from island to island. Depending on the route (east, north or west), you will go to the larger main islands of the archipelago as well as to some places that can only be reached by boat. This is pure Galapagos - there is no other way, right? But there is always another way!

You can explore the Galapagos Islands in peace and quiet by land and still experience the exclusivity of this destination up close. Instead of being seasick on board a rocking ship, you spend your evenings on a quiet terrace with a view of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding islands. A white wine place just the way I like it!

There are of course several hotels and resorts in the region, but my favorite is the Galapagos Safari Camp on Santa Cruz Island. The camp follows the example of the glamping safaris in Africa - luxurious tent accommodations in the middle of the wilderness, closeness to nature without having to forego comfort, and views that one can otherwise only dream of. These are for example:

Why not a cruise?

Despite all its advantages, there are many reasons that speak against a Galapagos cruise - cost, flexibility, comfort, etc. Personally, I'm just not that cruise type - I somehow lack the freedom. On the ship you see something new every day and you feel obliged to always do a full program.

In the hotel you can take a day off, just take a deep breath and enjoy the sweet idleness. On the Galapagos cruise, a day of rest on board the ship would be almost a waste - not to mention the impending camp fever or seasickness. In addition, cruises with children are twice as exhausting ...

Spending a week at the Galapagos Safari Camp does not mean that you are tied to the facility for 7 days. Santa Cruz Island is the tourist center of the archipelago - so there is a lot to discover. From the giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station to the craters of Los Gemelos, from the gleaming white sand of Tortuga Bay to the lava tunnels east of Bellavista. No matter if wildlife, mountains or beaches - you will definitely not get bored on the island. And children are always welcome at the camp!

And yet, staying at the Galapagos Safari Camp all the time wouldn't be that bad ...

“Science in England, as Darwin already knew at his expense, was still the task of Christian scholars. But here was a question that Darwin found compelling: If God had created all of the creatures in the world, what possible reason could there be for the variations in the Galapagos? "
- Jonathan Clements, Darwin's Notebook: The Life, Times, and Discoveries of Charles Robert Darwin

Galapagos Islands: Relax and switch off

My favorite place to relax is the infinity pool - small, but OHO! In the middle of the green, it invites you to a cool refreshment on hot days, and otherwise simply to relax and switch off. Lots of native animals live on the site, such as colorful birds and even giant tortoises. Don't be frightened if one of them takes a lunch break in front of your tent!

Galapagos Islands: discover the Galapagos

The best activities on Santa Cruz include visits to the giant tortoises in the Charles Darwin Research Station or the El Chato turtle reserve, and hikes in the island's foggy highlands, for example to the tip of Media Luna or Cerro Crocker. All of this can be easily organized from the camp.

The Galapagos Safari Camp also offers all sorts of safari packages that either take place entirely on Santa Cruz or head for one of the neighboring islands by boat or propeller plane. Highlights include boat excursions to the uninhabited islets of Norte Seymour (to the blue-footed boobies) or Plaza Sur (with the largest sea lion colony in the Galapagos Islands). If you have a diving license, the camp is happy to organize a dive to explore the underwater world of the archipelago. Otherwise, snorkeling is one of my must-do's!

I also really like the Surf & Yoga package. As an addition to the beautiful day trips around the island, yoga teaches you the most important movements to prepare you for surfing - from paddling to getting up and calming breathing. Then head zen to Tortuga Bay Beach – the longest beach in the Galapagos. With a surf instructor, you throw yourself into the waves to ride one or the other wave, always with a view of the paradisiacal beach.

Have you been dreaming of a trip to the Galapagos Islands for a long time? If so, take the plunge and begin your adventure. The Galapagos Safari Camp is the ideal contact point to explore the island world individually and flexibly and to gain unique insights into the natural beauties of the Pacific! Island hopping from island to island or day trips from Santa Cruz - my favorite hotel in Galapagos should definitely not be missing!


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