Luxury ship travel – please do not yawn. We talk about private dives with a research boat, icebreaker trips in the Arctic and Antarctic, houseboats in Assam, cool boutique catamarans off Galapagos.

Our luxury cruise ships are for heroes who want to go further. Also or just because it means losing the solid ground under your feet.

For world changers who breathe new perspectives, such as air, to develop themselves and their environment.

Our luxury cruises are for heroes who prefer adventure luxury to classic material luxury.


Cruise through the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego in South America

An adventure on the Stella Australis: one of the most exciting luxury expedition trips ever. Through the rugged wilderness of Tierra del Fuego you pass through rugged cliffs, imposing glaciers and a labyrinth of fascinating canals and fjords. The incomparable Patagonian natural landscape accompanies you faithfully on this cruise of the extra class and ensures an unforgettable experience!

Houseboat in Kerala in the south of India

Your own houseboat sails through Kerala’s calm waters – palm trees tower on the shores, the birds chirp and the silence takes over. Here, in the south of India, you will experience a contrast to the liveliness of fascinating India and be transported into a world of harmony, in which you will fall in love!

Luxury cruise through the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

Her bags roll on board the luxurious cruise ship, which takes you on a journey to the most beautiful islands of the Galapagos archipelago. Your soul dangles and the ocean gives you an incredible sense of boundlessness. The snow-white beaches, the unique animal species, the dry lava landscapes and the dense forests will transport you into a world of contrasts and 1000 facets that will take your breath away on each and every one of the islands.

Delfin 1

Amazon luxury cruise in Peru

Through the snake-like course of the Amazon River, your luxury cruise ship finds its way and sails you past the dense and mysterious jungle, allowing you a view of the pink river dolphins and showing you how strong the symbiosis between man and nature is here. Enjoy it – it will remain priceless!

DeepSee Submarine

Feel serenity and weightlessness. Watch the water with a 360-degree view through the ball of the cockpit. The acrylic disappears under water and a feeling of freedom overwhelms you. It seems there is no barrier between you and the unknown deep-sea life. If the researcher soul in you craves for new adventures, and you yearn to visit new, unexplored places that no one was before, then venture into this submarine. Enjoy an absolute privilege and observe animals and fish that few people have ever seen before. You just have to dive deep enough. This submarine is a powerful scientific tool. A custom one-atmosphere submarine capable of carrying one pilot and two passengers to a depth of 450 meters. It is a flexible, powerful and masterfully designed vehicle that can operate agilely throughout its range of comfort and safety.


Just because it’s not on our website does not mean we do not offer your ideal trip.

We from unforgettable journeys plan the journey of YOUR life tailor-made for you.

Luxury cruises with unforgettable journeys

Traveling and being on the road itself becomes an experience on our luxury cruises. Comfortably from your bed or the spacious deck of a boutique cruise ship, you will experience, in the midst of it all, unique natural spectacles and water worlds from a new perspective. We bring you wildly luxurious to the most beautiful ships that make your trip unforgettable.

You will discover the glacial worlds of Patagonia with the impressive Perito Moreno during the Marpatag cruise expedition through the icy waters. You will enjoy the clear fresh nature aboard the M / S Stella Australis on the way from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas and relax while the fascinating scenery at the end of the world passes by your window.

You will find an indescribable access to the Amazon region of Peru as you swim and listen to nature on the luxury lodge Dolphin 1 with pink dolphins.

Our luxury cruises take you with the M / V Anaconda into the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Eucador and impresses you with the colors of the parrots, the unmistakable sounds of nature and elegant luxury that leaves nothing to be desired.

In the shade of green palm trees, past pretty wooden houses, you glide gently through the sometimes wider and narrower channels of the backwaters in Alleppey, Kerala. On your exclusive houseboat in India you will discover an unimagined world of the facets of India and casual luxury.

We design your complete dream trip for you. Individual, exclusive and with the certain extra that you will never forget again. These special luxury cruises combine unique landscapes, accommodations and travel experiences with people along the way. They are the perfect complement to your dream trip to India, the Amazon or Patagonia.