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With its wooden architectural style, the hotel blends in perfectly with nature. The panoramic view from the private balcony and the noble wellness experience speak for themselves. Whether relaxation or culture, the wide range leaves nothing to be desired.

Hotel Parque Quilquico is the perfect place from which to explore Isla Chiloé and the Lake District of Chile and ideal for those who love nature.

All 21 rooms with their large windows offer a fantastic view of the Chiloé landscape, which you can also enjoy from your private balcony. In a mixture of modern and rustic architectural style made of natural material, you can relax wonderfully in nature.

You can reach the four family houses built on stilts via a small path. They each have two double rooms, with a cozy lounge and a private terrace that offers a unique view.

Experience not only the nature of Chiloé, but also the culinary specialties made from local ingredients that the hotel's chef prepares for you. Step into the hotel's "Quincho", a cozy wooden pavilion, to enjoy dishes grilled and cooked in the stone oven.

But you can also experience a lot outside of the hotel, both in the great outdoors of the Chiloé National Park and in the museum, where you can follow the historical traces of the island. Find out more about agriculture, gastronomy and the flora and fauna of Chiloés! In addition to your own personal experiences, you can also take the "character of Chiloés" home with you by strolling through the local markets and buying traditional souvenirs, such as clothes or other handicrafts.

In the hotel itself you can then unwind, for example in the sauna or with a massage. An absolute highlight: take a relaxing bath in one of the wooden bathtubs on the terrace of the main hotel building. The natural smell of wood in combination with a fantastic view of the landscape will relieve you of all tension and you can switch off wonderfully.

Come to Chiloe and learn about the island's culture, stories and legends.

Ilka H.

Costa Rica - 2021

Although the travel planning with Julia was only done by phone and email, the planning was perfect! Through targeted and correct questions, Julia quickly understood what goals I was pursuing with the trip, what needs I had and what makes me happy. For me I can say that the chemistry was right and that made a lot of things easier. The trip was perfectly planned, perfectly executed and met all my needs! I have never regretted a penny I spent on this trip. I have never felt so free in my life as during these 4 weeks in South America!

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