The total solar eclipse & the best stargazing in the world for people who really want to immerse themselves completely

The "Norte Chico" of Chile is a partly dry, partly fertile piece of land in a transition zone between the fertile central valley and the Atacama, the driest desert in the world. In between there are incomparable impressions, smells and sounds. Between hilly dunes and rugged, red-colored mountain ridges, people near the Valle del Elqui seek mental and physical relaxation and the Pisco grapes, from which a full-bodied Syrah or Carmenere is made, the warm days and cool nights.

Day 1:

Today you will reach Santiago and take a tour through this beautiful metropolis. The highlights are the Mercado Central with a wrought-iron interior dating back to 1872, the Lastarria district and a visit to the hip artists' district of Bellavista, where bohemian aesthetics have been skillfully and tastefully combined with history. Enjoy your dinner in the main square of Lastarria or on the colorful roof of the Art Deco Hotel, designed by Luciano K, one of the most famous Chilean architects

Day 2:

Today's day takes you north from Santiago. You'll watch the urban landscape slowly fade as you ride the Ruta 5 or Pan-American Highway towards the drier desert. On the way you will taste excellent Chilean wines, have lunch and drive to the Valle del Encanto, where the local “Molle” once lived. Between giant boulders and gurgling streams, they left behind the petroglyphs and stone mortars for which the Enchanted Valley National Monument is known. A guided trekking lets you experience the magic of this valley

Day 3:

Today you enjoy a day in Elqui. Explore the valley on foot or go horse riding in the surrounding countryside, from Chile's Norte Chico. At night, head to one of the most technically advanced observatories to learn and observe the night skies of the southern hemisphere with expert astronomers who can point out different constellations with the naked eye. The sky here is among the darkest in the world, which makes stargazing an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Day 4 and 5:

Wake up and enjoy the intense and warm colors of the sunrise in anticipation of an unforgettable experience in Elqui. You take a short drive to the specially selected location, which takes you all along the line to the ideal location for the big event. Under one of the darkest and clearest skies in the world, watch the colors of twilight color the desert landscape and the moon slowly slide in front of the sun. A shiver, goosebumps, pure happiness will seize you.

You stay overnight:

1 night in a design hotel

This hotel is one of the most famous examples of Art Deco architecture in Santiago. The dream of the architect Luciano Kulczewski is hidden behind a narrow pink facade. It was originally built as an apartment building and was completed in 1928. It has not lost anything when it was converted into a hotel and has 38 rooms with unique entrances. Some rooms have a view of Parque Forestal, the large city park, some of the pool and the milk-colored tiled roof. The best thing to do is end the day at the bar on the upper floor

3 nights in the Pop Up Camp

This pop up camp is located in the Norte Chico region of Chile's desert, in a remote location that was explored two years before this spectacular event to ensure it was in the perfect spot. Each tent is furnished and perfectly equipped. The bathrooms have hot shower water and toilets


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