While traveling through a mysterious and mystical land, stay in accommodations that amaze and make you dream. Whether alone in the desert under a billion stars in a camp of the extra class, high in the Atlas Mountains in a luxury fortress, which already served as a Hollywood movie backdrop and offers a fabulous view of old Berber villages, in a boutique hotel with a unique roof terrace, from where you like looking at the historic medina or in a huge, opulent palace with a fairytale garden and endless pools. You will be enchanted!




Luxury hotels Morocco

A special selection of exceptional hotels, residential palaces and desert camps we have met in the country of 1001 Nights with our luxury accommodations in Morocco for you. The incredible combination of luxury, adventure, best star cuisine amidst breathtaking nature and incredible views make these hotels in Morocco so special. Our handpicked and self-traveling hotels in Morocco, far from the usual standard of luxury, offer unprecedented levels of comfort, sensational service, outstanding architecture, mesmerizing architecture, and memorable wow experiences you’ll never let go of.

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