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Morocco has long been a source of inspiration for Westerners who have grown weary of the prevailing mainstream. Revered for its influence on the design world, Morocco is known as a place of creative confluence between ancient and modern cultures. It is a true incubator for creative innovation. There's a reason why Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion label's owner, said: "I owe the boldness of my work to this country, its powerful harmonies and its bold combinations."

Whether you're looking for design inspiration or want to bring some creative flair to your business, creative hosts will be with you throughout your journey - from the medinas of Marrakech to the modern white walls of Casablanca. You will connect with the people who live and embody the mentality and who will provide you with knowledge that you can take home to experience your own creative renaissance.

On this trip you can expect:

A day with a designer who will tell you about his background and international activity before spending time at the Barometre restaurant with the founders of the Emerging Business Factory (EBF) and the Marrakech Creative Cluster.
Visit the Emerging Business Factory and meet the AMBS (an international team of highly qualified architects, engineers and designers) Architects Design Director, Reda Zakaria, who is currently working on several major projects in Morocco.
Take a thought-provoking tour of Marrakech's design district, Sidi Ghanem. Spend time with industrial designers and artisans, take part in creative workshops and learn how to make this art and open up to the people embedded in these creative communities
Stay at Terres in the Agafay Desert. Meet the owner of the glamping camp over dinner and discuss the challenges of creating a sustainable and design-conscious desert site.

The facts:

Duration: 7 days

Best travel time: March - May and September - November

Price: From 5,550 euros per person.

The price includes:

The price given above is for 1 person and includes detailed travel planning and advice, setting up the expedition and all of the nationwide logistics. This price also includes a first class guide who specializes in the selected area, an extensive local guiding support team, training and technical equipment for the trip, as well as all domestic travel, including all flights and accommodation required for your expedition. Most meals and drinks are also included. However, the price may vary depending on the individual planning.


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