Also in the land of the Inca we have selected the most beautiful and outstanding hotels for you. Our favorite luxury hotels in Peru will amaze you, the nights here will give your unique trip the very special icing on the cake. Whether you want to enjoy the best and most beautiful views from the private island of Suasi to Lake Titicaca, cruise through the Amazon rainforest on a luxury cruise liner, experience the traditions of Peru at a homely overnight stay with your host family, or head for the thrill of adrenaline Cozy honeycombs float amid the rock wall of Skylodge Peru. Our special favorite luxury hotels in Peru combine adventure, adventure and comfort.




Luxury Hotels in Peru & Lodges in Peru

On the one hand, the place to which one travels, but on the other, also provides outstanding accommodations for extraordinary travel experiences. Our selection of luxury hotels in Peru and lodges in Peru will guarantee you unforgettable moments in the land of Inca culture.

They float at dizzying heights above the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Skylodge Peru. Honeycomb-mounted honeycombs give you and the whole family an extra-ordinary experience. Exquisite mix of wellness, nature and culture can be found in the explora Valle Sagrado. explora offers you over 20 activities on foot or by mountain bike, where you and your guides can experience adventure in unique geography combined with fascinating Andean culture and relax in the relaxing spa treatments.

You’ll be in touch with the vibrant nature of the Amazon on a Dolphin 1 Cruise as you explore the depths of the jungle on excursions or watch natural beauty pass by from your suite’s Jacuzzi.

One of the luxury hotels in Peru is the incredible slow travel experience in the Belmond Andean Explorer luxury train. They combine traveling and living on this special luxury train ride from Cusco over Lake Titicaca to Arequipa, which will provide you with stunning views of the Andean highlands of Peru and pamper you with comfort.

You embark on a private island adventure in the middle of the Titicaca Lake on the Isla Suasi and have in the excellent eco-lodge sustainable and reverberating relaxation experiences, which completes your individual dream trip to Peru beautifully.

We want you to have unforgettable moments while traveling. For this we not only select the best luxury hotels and lodges in Peru, but also design your day and evening arrangements according to your preferences. Be inspired by our ideas.

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