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Individual adventure trips - luxurious, wild, casual

Adventure travel. Wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

Some people want more: they want to challenge themselves: through unique, haunting and spectacular travel experiences. The feeling of crossing a border, be it physical or mental, gives you special pleasure and satisfaction.

Luxury travel. Experience luxury, wild and casual. Experience stories that reflect and enrich you and your environment. From the luxury travel pioneer.


Airstream camper on the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Dinner is served! - The private cooking team has prepared a delicious gourmet menu for you, the table is set, the stage set is ready: the endless, iridescent surface of the Salar de Uyuni, the setting sun, the fire in the sky and rock formations that create a beautiful pattern Paint the horizon.
Become speechless in this incomparable atmosphere and recharge your batteries in this soothing calm.

Skylodge of Peru in Peru

The Skylodge of Peru: a completely transparent, hanging glass capsule at a height of 400 meters - certainly not the first choice for afraid of heights, but a pure goose bump experience for intrepid globetrotters! Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas - with a service that is as conceivable as possible - wake up the next morning in the truest sense of the word and take a zip line back into the valley! Adventure deluxe!

Safari camps in Tanzania

Tanzania's Safari Camps are the epitome of luxurious camping experiences - a lively, breathtaking and wild setting and service and accommodation that nothing is lacking. Every single day holds unique encounters with the untouched nature of the most wonderful Tanzanian national parks. Wake up to bathing hippos and grazing zebras, let yourself be pampered in the most unique camps every day and enjoy a carefree trip to this completely different world!

Mobile 360 ​​degree yurts in Mongolia

In the middle of the endless Mongolian steppe, stay in your private yurt with a 360 ° all-round view. Stylish, comfortable, authentic - this is how your travel home presents itself and gives your adventure a unique feeling of freedom and independence! Immerse yourself in the world of nomads, let yourself be pampered by your private crew and embark on this unique adventure - you will live on it for a lifetime!

Patagonia Luxury Camp in Torres del Paine National Park

In complete harmony with the surrounding natural setting, nestled at the foot of the mountain ranges of the Torres del Paine National Park and with a breathtaking view of Lake Toro, you live in one of the fairytale domes of the Patagonia Luxury Camp. These unique and luxuriously furnished round tents take this simple way of living to a whole new level. Panorama roof and panorama walls give you an invaluable view of the constantly changing Patagonian sky and put you in an unreal atmosphere that inevitably makes your heart beat faster.



Deluxe Airstream Camper - Glamping Airstream

The comfortable and elegant Deluxe Airstream campers have been specially developed for demanding travelers. They are equipped with a double bed or two single beds as well as a sofa bed, electric blankets, a private bathroom with a hot shower, table, wardrobe, air conditioning and heating

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