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“Hatari Lodge Tanzania”

Travelling to Tanzania seems unthinkable for many. Too dangerous, too unhygienic, too risky, too afraid of malaria, too exclusive to bring children. But so general, you can’t see that. Of course, there are malaria-prone areas and lodges in Tanzania that do not accommodate guests under the age of 18 or do not take children on jeep safari. Fortunately, this does not apply to all regions of the country or to all safari lodges.

If you use my guide for Safari trips with children you already know that the north of Tanzania is particularly suitable for family safaris. why? The National Parks of the Northern Circuit – sen. Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha etc. – are over 1,500m, too high for most mosquitoes. This significantly reduces the risk of malaria infection! So you have less of a worry, so to speak.

Your Dr. Julia Malchow
Owner & Founder

My last trip to Tanzania was not so long ago. Together with the family, I first spent a few days at Fanjove Island Lodge, on a small private island off Sansibar, followed by a family safari in Arusha National Park. Our choice of accommodation was based on the Hatari Lodge, one of my absolute favorite hotels in Tanzania. I can give you 5 reasons why:

Favorite Hotel Hatari Lodge-13

Reason 1: Location in Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is one of Tanzania’s smallest national parks, but also one of the most diverse. The vegetation ranges from the steppe of the “Little Serengeti” over the dense mountain forest, to the beautiful Momela Lakes and the Ngurdoto crater. On the smallest surface, everything is included here – of course also numerous zebras, giraffes, elephants and leopards. Most safari tourists are drawn to the more famous Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater – also breathtaking natural beauties, but also not as remote as Arusha. The National Park is a real insider tip, and Hatari Lodge, picturesquely nestled in the national park, is the perfect hostel.

Reason 2: The history of Hatari Lodge

The farm, which is now hatari lodge, has existed in different forms since 1906. The German-British settler Margarete Trappe had settled here and became famous as the “mother of the Masai”. Later, film classic Hatari was shot on the old farm – hence the name. The German actor Hardy Krüger, known from the film, bought the farm after the shooting and realized his dream of Africa here. His former home is still standing and is still used by the lodge. The Hatari Lodge is not only in a top location, but also brings the romantic flair of a Hollywood film.

Reason 3: Children are welcome here!

When I travel with my men, the child-friendliness of a hotel is of course a decisive factor for me. The owners of Hatari Lodge, Marlies and Jörg Gabriel, live here with their son, which means they know exactly what matters. There are only 9 rooms, which preserves a cozy and family atmosphere. The programme is varied and offers everything from the classic jeep safari to exploring on foot and canoeing. In just two hours by car (or even faster by safari plane) you can reach the Hatari Lodge Shu’mata Camp, which also belongs to the lodge. That is, pure safari without hours of travel and quenching in the car.


Reason 4: There is Resident Wildlife

The importance of Resident Wildlife goes hand in hand with the child-friendliness of a hotel. Because a lodge where the safari starts at the room door can save you some hair! Just below Hatari Lodge is the Momella clearing, a wet savannah with water holes that attract many wildlife. The walk across the wide wooden walkway that leads to the observation deck on the clearing is like a walking safari light, and much more convenient than a bumpy ride in a jeep. Levi and Jari could have spent hours watching the giant giraffes eat acacia in front of their noses.


Reason 5: The lodge stands for sustainable commitment

Travelling to a developing country is not always easy to reconcile with personal morality, but thanks to the diverse sustainable development projects supported by Hatari Lodge, I was able to relax with peace of mind. Marlies and Jörg not only run the lodge, but also the Momella Foundation, whose projects can be divided into three areas with different focal points: Education & Education, Women Empowerment and Wildlife & Nature Conservation. For example, there is a preschool in the village, where the son is also taught, and the Mama Momella fashion project, where women from the village can let their creativity run wild and secure their existence.

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Are you still surprised that Hatari Lodge is one of my absolute favourite hotels? Whether you’re traveling to Tanzania for the first time or you’re an old safari bunny, this hotel will be your an unforgettable holiday I guarantee you that!


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