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Horse racing, wrestling and archery, the Nadaam Games in Ulanbaatar convey a unique feeling of cultural roots and an exciting sports festival.

The capital of mysterious Mongolia, Ulanbaatar, offers the setting for a very special kind of spectacle once a year. Mingle with the people and become part of the lively past at the Naadam Games. During this mixture of national holiday and sporting event, you will feel the strong cultural anchoring of the medieval disciplines of archery, horse racing and wrestling, which attracts the greatest talents in the country. Discover with your personal guide the camps in front of the city, which is home to the nomads, some of whom have traveled for months, and immerse yourself in the way of life of this fascinating people. Grandiose colors and sporting skills will leave you speechless!

At the Nadaam Danshig Games, which take place at a different time, the impressive games are framed by Buddhist ceremonies and sutra readings, during which the spoken words of the Buddha give you special insights into the facets of Mongolian culture.

Relax from the tumult of colors and impressions in your spacious suite in the Shangri-La Hotel, the design of which combines modernity and local traditions in a wonderful way. Enjoy the wonderful view of picturesque city panoramas or pamper your palate and your eyes in the hotel's Café Park restaurant, where a variety of dishes are prepared for you in the open show kitchens.

The next day will give you another opportunity to explore Ulanbaatar and experience the festival feeling all over the city before you catch the last glimpse of the hustle and bustle from the plane.

Maya L & Michael H

Costa Rica - 2021

Thank you for your email and again for the wonderful trip. We enjoyed every day very much, the anticipation was great and we are sure that everything went so smoothly thanks to your preparation and support. Special moments for us were the bush dinner in Tarangire, the trips and the hotel in the crater and of course the Nimali Mara as an experience in itself. The rooms, the service and the moments of sundowners on a rock were unforgettable. It was a very special trip that we look back on fondly.
Thank you again for the preparation and great support, we would be very happy to organize further events and trips with you in the future.


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