Fascination with the desert

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Fascination of the Gobi Desert: After searching for traces of ancient times on the Flaming Cliffs, you can relax in the authentic Three Camel Lodge, be enchanted by the singing of the Khongoriin Els sand dunes and experience the forces of nature in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains.

Dalanzadgag is the starting point for your adventure in the south of the Mongolian Gobi desert. In the seemingly endless expanses of Mongolia, shepherd families cross your path, driving their herds of camels through the fascinating landscape, alternating between desert and steppe. The Flaming Cliffs, Bayanzag, shine in the evening sun in all their shimmering red and underline the historical importance of the place where dinosaurs left their traces. With these historical impressions you get in the mood for your night in the unique Three Camel Lodge. In this yurt lodge you will find a fascinating mix of traditional Buddhist architectural style, modern solar technology and authenticity in your deluxe tent with private bathroom, which causes a small footprint in nature, but will stay with you even more.

The Khongoriin Els sand dunes soon rise up in front of you as you drive through the landscape. In your ears you can hear the whistling of the wind, which loudly sweeps huge masses of sand over the land and has given the area the nickname "singing dunes". From the Gobi Erdene Ger Camp you have the opportunity to explore the huge mountains of sand and the surrounding area the next day. In the middle of the 180 km long and 7-20 km wide sand towers, the oasis of the Khongor River offers refreshment for the soul and the eye. You accompany a resident nomad family for a part of their day and experience in a special way what it takes to live in this harsh environment.

After another night in Gobi Erdene Ger Camp, you will set out with your personal guide to discover the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains and the national park of the same name, which form a great contrast to the sand dunes. With a bit of luck, bearded vultures circle in the sky or mountain goats skilfully jump through the multifaceted landscape of the Yol Valley. The lush green of meadows shines between 200 m high stone walls and the threatening depths of thick crevasses lurk, which produce majestic waterfalls on previous rainy days.

Round off your last evening in the Gobi with a delicious dinner in the authentic Gobi Oasis yurt camp and marvel at the breathtaking starry sky after dark! Even without a shooting star, you are sure to wish that this holiday never ends.

family Bo.

Costa Rica - 2021

We are back from our great Costa Rica vacation. Thank you for the excellent organization! Everything went smoothly. The choice of accommodation was excellent, with the Origins Lodge in particular being unique, even spectacular. The guides were also consistently competent and we were particularly impressed by Edgar, whom you specifically mentioned.
We will be happy to contact you again on one of our next vacations.


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