by jeep to the rough beauties of Tierra del Fuego

Luxury and individual travel in Tierra del Fuego. Wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments with the family. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

Tierra del Fuego: A stretch of land at the southernmost end of South America. Characterized by a landscape that is rough, extremely idiosyncratic, but still magical. Discover Ushuaia with your own rental car, experience fascinating glacial lakes, watch penguins and cormorants and enjoy the soothing silence. For adventurers looking for something special, this is the perfect trip!

The best way to get to the beauties around Ushuaia is without a doubt a rental car. So let your car start and drive to the wonderful Tierra del Fuego National Park. Take the wobbly step in your rubber dinghy, row to pristine islands, hike along the enchanting Beagle Channel and experience the place where Chile and Argentina merge at Lake Rocca!

The area around Ushuaia holds a surprise at every nook and cranny. And the following is a very special kind. Only accessible by four-wheel drive, well hidden between the mountains, hills and forests of Tierra del Fuego, the magical Lago Fagnano lies magically embedded. Its size, the deep blue, the crystal clear water and the surrounding natural backdrop will make you speechless. Broken walkways, old tree trunks, soothing peace and quiet - the rough and wild nature of Tierra del Fuego has definitely got the upper hand here! Take a break here, unwind and enjoy this wonderful view with a hot chocolate and croissants that are still warm!
Not only fascinating natural backdrops but also fabulous animal worlds have found a home here. Watch the wonderfully clumsy penguins, feed the albatrosses and cormorants and experience their natural habitat up close.

Make a good note of this breathtaking overall picture of Ushuaia and keep the memories of your numerous adventures safe, because you will live on it for a lifetime!

Maya L & Michael H

Costa Rica - 2021

Thank you for your email and again for the wonderful trip. We enjoyed every day very much, the anticipation was great and we are sure that everything went so smoothly thanks to your preparation and support. Special moments for us were the bush dinner in Tarangire, the trips and the hotel in the crater and of course the Nimali Mara as an experience in itself. The rooms, the service and the moments of sundowners on a rock were unforgettable. It was a very special trip that we look back on fondly.
Thank you again for the preparation and great support, we would be very happy to organize further events and trips with you in the future.


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