Mongolia Glamping: This trip is full on extreme impressions and experiences: by legendary Trans-Siberian Railway roll off Ulaanbaatar right into the Gobi steppe. Your private driver will take you through pathless terrain to your breathtaking, private Yurt camp With 360 degree view. Luxurious, authentic and incomparable - one accommodationthat will amaze you and be sure to enchant you!

A few days later you trek with one Camel caravan through the unreal desert and steppe landscape and experience how the sunset transforms the rocks into a fiery red spectacle - far away from any signs of civilization and well cared for by your own cooking team. In addition, your private and luxurious 360 ° yurt gives you the necessary pinch of luxury and comfort for your trekking - simply heavenly!

Rich in contrasts, it continues into the green heart of the unknown Mongolia: im Khan Khenti National Park. The landscape, criss-crossed by grass-green hills and rivers, is far from the classic Mongolia travel routes and is a paradise for hiking, horse riding and trying out the typical Mongolian yurt sauna. Draw strength and inspiration in the face of this immense nature, the infinite hospitality and the dedicated service of your own team.

Traditionally, you travel by Yak carts and Mongolian escort crew deep into the unknown natural paradise taiga. After these extreme days, demanding all the senses, we will make your transition to civilization smoother and more bearable: im HS Khaan Glass Yurt Hotel you can let your soul dangle, look at the route of the Trans-Siberian Railway and let your thoughts run free while looking towards the horizon.

The unique view from your exclusive glass yurt will make you rave and allow you to experience Mongolia in a very special way.

A delightful end to the trip that perfectly bridges the gap between an overflowing, wild, untouched nature and the return flight to Germany.

Ilka H.

Costa Rica - 2021

Although the travel planning with Julia was only done by phone and email, the planning was perfect! Through targeted and correct questions, Julia quickly understood what goals I was pursuing with the trip, what needs I had and what makes me happy. For me I can say that the chemistry was right and that made a lot of things easier. The trip was perfectly planned, perfectly executed and met all my needs! I have never regretted a penny I spent on this trip. I have never felt so free in my life as during these 4 weeks in South America!

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