Ruta 40 & 7 Lakes Road

Luxury and individual travel Patagonia. Wild & casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

Let the famous Ruta 40 guide you, steer your car to crystal-clear lakes, snow-covered volcanic peaks, petrified forests, millennia-old caves and idyllic lodges. On the Seven Lakes Route you will get to know and love Argentina's lake region.
This road trip is fabulous, combines what every adventurer wants and presents you with accommodations in the most dreamy places. Adventure, comfort and goosebumps - experience it for yourself!

Your jeep is ready, the suitcases are loaded, the anticipation is huge - we're ready to go! Steer on the roads of the Ruta 40 through the beautiful landscapes of remote Patagonia. The famous sign with the black 40 printed on it gives you the direction and leads you to millennia-old and legendary caves that are decorated with hand paintings, to crystal-clear lakes, idyllic villages and ever-growing glaciers. Get as close as possible to the famous Perito Moreno in the Los Glaciares National Park, touch the eternal ice and suddenly feel tiny at the sight of this giant.

Kick your feet and hike up Monte Zaballos or Mount San Lorenzo, immerse yourself in the petrified forest of José Ormaechea and pause, because your surroundings will leave you speechless.
Snow-covered mountain peaks, lakes sparkling in the sunlight, lush larch forests, chirping birds and not a cloud in the wonderfully blue sky. This is the view that you can enjoy during your picnic break and that will bring happiness to you in an instant.

Immerse yourself in a natural paradise in a class of its own in Los Alerces National Park. Its primeval forests with lakes of silver-blue and green water, waterfalls, mountain ranges and impressive glaciers shape our cliché picture of a fairytale forest and catapult you into a paradise on earth!

Experience the heart of the Argentine lake region on the Seven Lakes Route, set off on a bike or kayak tour, hike this fascinating region or treat yourself to a break and sunbathe on the banks of one of these beautiful mountain lakes. Wake up in your fairytale accommodation directly on the lake shore, step on the balcony and be stunned by the spectacle of the rising sun: the snow-covered volcanic peaks are reflected in the clear water - which the sun has already turned orange - the ducks on the lake complete the first Swim laps and enjoy - just like you - this indescribable idyll.

End your dreamy road trip on the Ruta 40 and the Seven Lakes Route in Villa La Angostura and recapitulate your unforgettable impressions with a delicious glass of Argentinian wine.

Family S.

Costa Rica - 2021

Dear Unforgettable Journeys team,

in the meantime we have arrived back safely in Berlin. On this way many thanks for the very good organization of the trip to Greece - also for organizing the various restaurant reservations at short notice.
All in all, we really, really enjoyed the trip and will definitely remember it for a long time to come.


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