deep gorges, 5,000-meter passes & Tibetan culture trekking through the spectacular Dolpo Valley

Trekking trips. Nepal - wild and casual. Experience unforgettable moments. Barefoot luxury, active and relaxed. Travel like the travel pioneer Dr. Julia Malchow.

Embark on the paths of a trekking trip that takes you through landscapes from bygone times to Buddhist monasteries, turquoise-blue and crystal-clear lakes in the jewel of the Nepalese Himalayas - also known as the Dolpo Valley. Let yourself be captivated by the originality of nature, be fascinated by any renunciation of modern living standards and be enchanted by the Tibetan-Lamaist culture.
Your trekking shoes are ready - let's go!

The hidden Dolpo Valley, created by a Buddhist deity for its worshipers, today casts its visitors under its spell due to the Tibetan-Lamaist culture.

After an unforgettable panoramic flight over the main Himalayan ridge, set off from Juphal, on the way through deep gorges, dense forests and a sea of prayer flags to Tarakot.
With every step you become aware that you are experiencing a journey back in time. Secluded, freed of any signs of modernity and framed by 6,000 peaks, the Dolpo region is an adventure that will lead you to the grandiose.
Get involved and continue your trek, enjoy every single view and immerse yourself in the Dolpo Pa village in a culture and a group of people that are simply admirable, at the same time highly inspiring and unimaginably simple and down-to-earth.

Gather your strength, climb another 5,000-meter pass and let the wind blow your exertions away as soon as you are rewarded with the unreal backdrop of the snow-capped summit of the Kanjiroba Himal, a clear blue sky and an endless view.
Feel the very special atmosphere that reigns there in Shey Gompa Monastery, experience the deep Buddhism up close and let yourself be captivated by the deep faith of the locals.
Find your way through deep gorges to the turquoise-blue Phoksundo Lake, which glitters in the sunlight, pitch your tent here and end your day of trekking around the campfire, pleasantly tired. Before going to bed, dare to look out of your tent, remain speechless as you gaze at the clear, starry sky and silently admire the huge full moon, the reflection of which is reflected in the still water of the lake.

Let the cedar forests, secluded monasteries, and deep valleys guide your way and return to Juphal, where you started. Enjoy the last moments in this wonderful seclusion and take this indescribable feeling home with you!

Alternatively, treat yourself to a very special experience and get on the helicopter to get as close as never before to the mighty Mount Everest, free as a bird and without any effort. Or extend this goosebumps feeling and trek to Lake Phoksundo, and then fly back and proudly marvel at the distance you have covered from a bird's eye view!

Family S.

Costa Rica - 2021

Dear Unforgettable Journeys team,

in the meantime we have arrived back safely in Berlin. On this way many thanks for the very good organization of the trip to Greece - also for organizing the various restaurant reservations at short notice.
All in all, we really, really enjoyed the trip and will definitely remember it for a long time to come.


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