Trekking & Abenteuer Hotels & Lodges für naturnahe Erlebnisse

Our trekking & adventure hotels are the perfect retreats to rejuvenate after the exciting adventures along our idyllic trails. You are in the heart of rough yet enthralling and breathtaking natural scenery and allow you to experience magical. As the full moon is reflected in the crystal-clear mountain lake of Nepal, the cross of the south in the deep black Patagonian sky shines as brightly as ever and the sun rises magnificently behind Mount Everest. In our trekking and adventure hotels, you can experience these natural wonders from the front row while enjoying absolute comfort!

Luxury Hotels & Accommodations

Our travel ideas

We are experts for unforgettable travel to spectacular landscapes and fine hotels. The outstanding lodges and private houses that we have selected have been designed according to the beauty of nature and the specificity of the respective culture, thereby making the nature and culture of the regions even more intense. Luxury wild and casual. Goose-skin experiences for you as an experienced and demanding traveler.

Our mix of itinerary and activity, as well as the special mix of exceptional accommodations – boutiques, yurts, glamorous tents, luxury hotels, Airstream campers, tree houses, private islands or underwater rooms – make our journeys unforgettable. Interested?

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