For you, extraordinary, intense experiences are what you are looking for. Stories that inspire you and your environment.

Experiences are highly individual.



Arrive by yourself, be distracted by nothing more, no internet, no cell phone, no appointments, no time pressure, no pressure to perform, no one or just yourself … just be. Being in the moment, being in the here and now, enjoying the moment, enjoying yourself, becoming aware of its existence. Rest, just find peace. There are only you and the Atacama Desert, you and the Iguazu Falls, you and the wild animals in the jungle you and the sunset in the high mountains. You experience extraordinary moments and you will feel that nothing else exists around you anymore.


Located in Mendoza, deep in the heart of the Andes, Rancho’e Cuero is a 3,000 acre family run mountain retreat offering exclusivity, personal attention, comfortable accommodations, superb dining, stunning scenery and a host of outdoor activities. Make your stay the highlight of your trip to Argentina. Owned for over 250 years by the Palma family, this ranch now opens its doors and offers a unique experience. Enjoy a ride through the Andes in complete privacy and tranquility.


On a secret island in Patagonia, you’ll find the world’s farthest cooking school – the romantic escape of popular South American chef Francis Mallman, a meat-smoking nomad who quotes poetry and has barbecued for David Beckham and the King of Spain. He says of himself, “I like contradictions, I want food and wine to fight in my mouth to see what’s better.”


In spectacular nature, the Atacama Desert, at the top of a sacred tree, on the white, secluded beach, among the vines of a vineyard, enjoy a fabulous, delicious and finely tuned picnic. While pampering your palate with fine, regional delicacies, you can dream of yourself, let yourself fall, hang on to your thoughts, contemplate the beauty of nature with its countless plant species, endless steppe or a colossal mountain range and rest your eyes. Nothing can disturb you more. They feel an inner peace and recharge their batteries for new adventures.


Oh, that’s what you meant when you said – Let’s play chess again. Experience chess in a different way. Relaxed, with your toes in the sand, a wonderful glass of wine and delicious treats. Do not you think that you could do that quite often?


Thick packed by the powder snow chase and cheer like a child – your destination: the Arctic Circle! Complacent endorphins? Get on. Let’s go!


Adventure Bathtub with a view – in the morning you conquer mountains, kayaking past glaciers, at night you look for pumas – and what do you do in the afternoon? Swimming with a beautiful view and a glass of favorite wine in hand. Missing only the favorite person in the other.


By vintage motorcycle to the teatime in the desert … Surreal? For sure. Unreal? Under no circumstance. Brilliant? 100 percent. Conjures a big smile in the face.


Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular ways to get around. Whether for two or with friends. In a very special way you explore coastal, rainforest or desert area. After the balloon has inflated, get into a braided but safe basket and look for a comfortable place. Slowly and evenly, the balloon rises. A kind of weightlessness and a tingling sensation capture your body. Very excited and full of yearning, are you wondering what it’s like up there? What does it feel like to float and what you will see and experience?


You open your eyes and an endless expanse opens up to you. They breathe in deeply and out again. They come to rest, enjoy the moment, enjoy the moment and become aware of how huge, beautiful and unpredictable Mother Nature is and can be. And, come to think, wondering what it looked like thousands of years ago and what will it look like in another thousand years? Whether on the top of a mountain, a volcano, in the middle of the desert, the steppe or with a view of the open, seemingly endless sea … you arrive at your own. They come to rest. You feel yourself and nature very intensively.


Protected by the dark night you sleep under the open sky. An adventure that you should have experienced. With plenty of time and leisure, you can watch the sunset and, before you pull the warm blanket over you, serve yourself with a cold beer or a delicious wine, a dinner prepared for you by invisible helpers. The sounds of nature seem much more intense than behind walls and windows or a tent. the stars are so incredibly intense and bright and you’ll catch on counting how many they are. They listen to the sounds of the night and try to guess what animals are out there or you just listen to the wind as it pulls its loops. They breathe deeply and have the feeling that they have never breathed so pure air. And in the morning, when the night is running low, you will be kissed awake by the sun, its bright rays and its warmth.


For the first time in history, you help scientists collect valuable information about the seabed. Deep behind the Bat Islands in Costa Rica lies a world that still needs to be discovered and explored. Your submarine dive will help collect important information and data necessary to preserve and protect the Santa Rosa National Park – an important wildlife sanctuary renowned for its abundance of marine life!


Intensive time for two, beyond the cliché. In once in a lifetime venues that appeal to all the senses. In an architecture and design that opens and emotionalizes. Special conversations, powerful silence. Everything at the beginning.


Almost extinct, incredibly shy, powerful: scoffing snow leopards in the wild, without disturbing your tracks. Be part of your fragile and inhospitable world for a moment. In the high mountains of the Himalayas, between sheik and ice, accompanied by the best natural guides. An unforgettable touching experience for experienced travelers.


They fought their way through the jungle, drove by buggy through the desert, by heli in the most remote corner of your dream destination penetrated – are alone at one of the most beautiful corners of the world. They swam, snuggled up in huge pillows and enjoyed a pick nick accompanied by their favorite wine. And just when you think: It could not be better … see it: the massage table – in the middle of the wilderness. And the therapists are already waiting for you. Enjoy relaxation whenever and wherever you want.


Life is made up of experiences. Unforgettable experiences. Traveling is about much more than being on the move, gathering places. Travel, places are remembered when the experiences you have there touch you. Branding. One region, one place can be seen. Or experience it with all your senses: taste, hike, climb, drive, hang out, play, let yourself be seen, and in many ways more. We ask the right questions, you open up and the rest is magic that gives you what you want: unforgettable experiences.


A day at sea like never before !! Be surrounded and immerse yourself in one of the largest groups of spinner dolphins. This is one of the most amazing natural events on the coast of Costa Rica, because only here are the dolphins in such a large number together. This expedition will take you through a vast ecosystem with no borders and through the open sea to swim with huge groups of spinner dolphins (Eastern Pacific Dolphin). The spinner dolphins gather by the thousands in these coastal waters, often followed by many other marine species. A small plane with marine biologists sets out to search for these magical creatures on the open sea. As soon as they are discovered, the captain of your yacht will be informed by radio about the exact coordinates and the wondrous journey begins. Also on board is a trained naturalist, so that you approach the huge group dolphins in the right way, observe them and then actually swim and play with them as long as you like. The dolphins live here in unprotected waters and gather in amazing numbers in a tiny piece of ocean to greet you with an acrobatic performance. Feel like in a scene from an award-winning BBC documentary and spend an unforgettable day on the open sea with these beautiful free spirits. Imagine the sunlight falling in changing, laser-like rays through crystal clear blue water as thousands of dolphins jump out of the water and make pirouettes in the air. With a single jump, these majestic animals can turn up to seven times!


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